Only Syrian people should decide about their future, Iran insists

May 10, 2020 - 19:43

TEHRAN – The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman on Sunday refuted claims by certain media outlets that guarantors of the Astana process have decided to decide about the future of the Syrian government, calling the claims “unfounded”.

Abbas Mousavi said it is only the Syrian people who can decide about the future of their country and the “type” of ruling system.
“The Islamic Republic of Iran, Russia and Turkey, as members of the guarantors of the Astana process, by establishing violence-free zones, forming constitutional committee and pursuing the process of dialogue and national reconciliation are trying to strengthen Syria-Syria talks” so that “the Syrian people decide about their future,” Mousavi explained.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman added, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has always been present on the side of the Syrian government and people in the fight against terrorism and will continue this path in the future.”

In a report on May 4, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) claimed that the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) expects that Russia, Turkey and Iran will reach a consensus to remove the head of the Syrian government, Bashar Al-Assad, and establish a ceasefire in exchange for forming a transitional government that includes the opposition, members of the government and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

In its claim MEMO added the RIAC said in a report that a Russian organization named the Foundation for the Protection of National Values, affiliated with the security services and the office of President Vladimir Putin, has been conducting an opinion poll in Syria.
The report stated that, since the beginning of its military intervention in Syria, Moscow has been keen to avoid being presented as the defender of Al-Assad, adding that in negotiations it has stressed that “the Syrian people will decide whether or not Al-Assad will remain in power”.

Russia has become more serious about making changes in Syria, RIAC explained, not least because protecting Al-Assad has become a burden, MEMO said.

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