Hatami says Iran, Iraq should become strategic partners

May 17, 2020 - 17:38

TEHRAN – Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami said on Sunday that Tehran and Baghdad should become “strategic partners”.

“We want to give Iraq all our capacities and we want to become strategic partners and turn our relations into a successful model of cooperation,” he told the newly-appointed Iraqi Defense Minister Enad Sa’adoon Khitab al-Jabouri through a video conference.

Hatami attached great importance to expanding defense cooperation to help establish regional security and stability.

He also invited the Iraqi defense minister to visit Iran.

Elsewhere, he said, “Our principled policy is an integrated, independent, and powerful Iraq. So, we hope the Iraqi government will be successful in fulfilling its duties, improving economic situation, and fighting the coronavirus.”

Mostafa Moradian, the Iranian military attaché to Baghdad, also met with the Iraqi defense minister and called for expanding military cooperation, ISNA reported on Sunday.

In the meeting, the Iraqi defense chief praised Iran’s support for Iraq in fight against Daesh.

In a phone conversation with new Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi on May 11, President Hassan Rouhani said Iran will stand beside the Iraqi government and people.

“As we proved that we stand beside the Iraqi people in fighting Daesh, we will stand beside the Iraqi government to help establish stability and make progress,” Rouhani stated in a phone call.

He said Iran attaches great importance to Iraq’s independence, political stability, national sovereignty, and integrity.

“We always have to be careful about plots which target interests of the Iraqi people and the region,” he noted.

Rouhani also highlighted the importance of regional peace and stability.

For his part, Kadhimi said, “We will never forget Iran’s help to Iraq in fighting Daesh and we seek expansion of relations in various areas.”


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