By Martin Love

The U.S. and allies have done little but inflame West Asia…

December 5, 2020 - 21:11

Heiko Maas, Germany’s foreign minister, must be crazy, literally. Or just a blind twit, like so many others in the “Western” establishment of lily-white bigots, racists and Christian imperialists.  

The king of them though happens to be Mike Pompeo, the soon to depart Secretary of State in the U.S. who allegedly has his eyes on the White House in 2024. These two and people like them with their rabid policy announcements and ignorant fantasies try to give the impression of aiming for something positive and calming to a world and especially to a Middle East wracked by discord, but in fact they and their kind are doing just the opposite. “Inflaming” might be the best word for what they do and have long done.

Consider what Maas said about Iran this past week: “A form of nuclear agreement is needed, which also lies in our interests. We have clear expectations for Iran: no nuclear weapons, but also no ballistic rocket program that threatens the whole region. Iran must also play another role in the region.” He is correct that a nuclear agreement is needed, if for no other reason than Iran is suffering under sanctions and they must be lifted, but what (the Hell) is wrong with the JCPOA which was working just fine and Iran was fully compliant with it? Nothing, except the overweening hypocrisy, bombast and arrogance of people like Maas and Pompeo. 

Germany, for one thing, did not fulfill its role under the JCPOA after Pompeo and Trump withdrew from in, and the other signatories also did not. They all should have slammed the U.S. and imposed their own sanctions on the U.S. and continued trade with Iran. It was all talk and no action. And then Maas mentions Iran’s missiles which have been used just once after the esteemed Soleimani and friends were assassinated in early January this year. That against the U.S. airbase in Iraq, and allegedly no one was killed but damage was pinpoint accurate. With a relatively tiny military, how else has Iran had any deterrence except through its missile programs? So far, at least, missiles have kept enemies mostly at bay. Demanding that Iran lose this deterrence is like asking a man to walk across Antarctica buck naked and expecting him to survive even the first kilometer.

It (Germany) even supplied Israel with submarines that, with no evident objection by the Germans, Israel has armed with its own nuclear bomb tipped missiles.

And also consider Germany’s claim, to cite just one idiocy, of offering Israelis Covid vaccination medicine…but not half the population west of the Jordan River, the beleaguered Palestinians! Germany, it seems, 75 years after the end of World War 2, remains all hot and bothered with guilt over the Holocaust. It even supplied Israel with submarines that, with no evident objection by the Germans, Israel has armed with its own nuclear bomb tipped missiles. And all the while Zionists are carrying out a slow genocide of their own against Palestinians, also to no objections by Germany.

Such facts just about Germany’s postures, not to mention the longstanding U.S. foolishness, underscores the absolute rectitude of Iran’s insistence that the JCPOA, if anything is to be done after Biden enters the White House, be reinstated as it was and sanctions lifted and THEN Iran backs off from its uranium enrichment activities. It seems reasonable to presume that Iran, after a year or two of calm, may (or may not) also then consider some slight marginal modifications to the JCPOA to satisfy the perennially dissatisfied Western powers that still might be freaked out that Iran has ANY nuclear expertise at all. But trust, which has been utterly shattered by the U.S. especially given its dishonesty and incapacity to abide by carefully crafted deals and treaties.

Also, it’s worth mentioning what Iran has long and correctly advocated: the removal all ALL nuclear weapons from West Asia. This above all makes the most sense, for it obviates Iran EVER building a nuclear weapon because, simply, none are lurking elsewhere in the region to threaten the Islamic Republic. But of course, and sadly, the greatest threat to accord, and fomenter of discord, regionally for over 70 years has been Israel, and Israel is for now anyway not likely to become a country doing anything good in the Middle East (West Asia).

For example, on Friday past, one could read that yet another Palestinian child in the West Bank, a lad of 12, was shot and murdered by the IDF. This sort of crime seems to happen almost weekly in the Occupied West Bank or in Gaza. In a reasonable “West” just this ONE murder ought to have been roundly condemned by the U.S., and Germany and their allies, and some sort of sanctions imposed on Israel given the frequency of such outrages. But no, not a whisper of condemnation and let’s face it, the Zionists want the annexation of the entirety of Palestine and more, like the Golan. This has at bottom been the aim since 1948.

As for Iran “playing another role in the region” as Maas suggested, what might that be that it did not already well play under the formerly intact JCPOA? Iran’s intentions were peaceful, obviously, and whatever problems Iran has had internally and socially, the country has long been absolutely correct in at least hoping for justice in the Middle East as, at least, a prelude to getting its own house in better order.

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