Iran to develop tourism infrastructure in Hendurabi Island

February 23, 2021 - 20:30

TEHRAN - Iran will be developing tourism infrastructure in Hendurabi Island, which is situated west of the touristic Kish Island in the Persian Gulf.

“Hendurabi, with an area of about a quarter of Kish, has beautiful beaches and nature. And it has a valuable capacity for the development of travel and ecotourism….It has also enormous capacity to attract large domestic and foreign investors,” Mehr quoted Kish Free Zone Organization Director Gholamhossein Mozaffari as saying on Monday.

“A consortium consisting of banks and active holdings in the country is being formed to implement the [already-formulated] comprehensive development plan of Hondurabi,” Mozaffari said.

“Kish Island, even during coronavirus pandemic, has enjoyed a tourism boom…  [for instance] in the last two months, its occupancy rate of hotels has been 98 percent, which indicates the unique tourism capacity of the region.”

When it comes to the southern islands of Iran, people tend to choose Kish, Qeshm, and Hangam Island. However, Hendurabi is just as amazing as these though less known. Being far from the constant visit of tourists, this sort of remote island in the Persian Gulf has preserved many of its natural beauties. It can provide a lot of fun water and beach activities. Swimming, above all, is one of the most pleasant things to do in the crystal waters.

Hendurabi is a small island of about 23 square kilometers, located between Kish Island and Lavan Island. It is flat land with no high mountains or hills. The highest point of the island is some 45 meters high.

Hendurabi has an old village of the same name. The material used in the construction of houses used to be stone, coral, and stucco. However, some of these houses have been renovated recently. The village also contains a school, shop, and a supermarket.

From February to June, the beaches of the island turn to a turtle hatchery. All the turtles of any size go to this area for hatching their eggs. The scenery of turtles being born out of the eggs and running to the water can be one of the most eye-catching moments of your travel. On the other hand, watching the colorful fish while diving is just another fun thing to do.


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