Persian handicrafts: Khos Duzi of Hormozgan

February 27, 2021 - 21:48

TEHRAN - Khos Duzi, a kind of traditional embroidery, is popular among rural areas of Hormozgan province, southern Iran.  

Khos Duzi consists of sewing thin strips of Khos or Naqdeh on fine and delicate lace fabrics. The strips are arranged to make geometric, cursive, arabesque, “Danehee” and “Kheshti Payeh Boland” motifs and patterns. In addition to lace fabrics, Khos Duzi is applied on velvet, too.

Khos Duzi is mostly used to decorate lace drapes, lace scarves (Jalbil) and lace Chadors (usually in black), bridal gown, scarves, cover of Holy Quran, trousers, beddings, covers for cushions, headwear, dresses, and many more.


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