Zarif says China is ‘friend of difficult days’

March 27, 2021 - 21:41

TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif on Saturday described China the “friend of difficult days” and said it is based on this amity that “we thank and praise the stance of China during the oppressive sanctions.”

Zarif made the remarks during the second round of talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and after the two chief diplomats officially signed the document for comprehensive cooperation between Iran and China.

Wang started a two-day tour of Iran on Friday afternoon at the head of a delegation. The Chinese foreign minister also held talks with President Hassan Rouhani and Ali Larijani, Iran’s special representative for strategic ties with China, on Saturday.

In the Saturday meeting, Zarif and Wang also held talks on bilateral ties as well as regional and international issues.

Wang’s trip to Tehran took place as China and Iran are celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of their diplomatic ties.

Iran’s chief diplomat said though it is fifty years that Tehran and Beijing has established diplomatic ties, the relationship between the “two great civilizations of Iran and China” dates back to centuries ago and with the signing of the roadmap for comprehensive cooperation the relations between the two countries will be “strengthened more than ever before”.

For his part, Wang congratulated the ancient Iranian new year, known as Norouz.

The new Iranian year began on March 21.

China’s chief diplomat also said, “The relations between the two countries have now reached to strategic level and China is seeking to promote inclusive relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

He added, “The signing of the roadmap for strategic cooperation between the two countries shows the will of Beijing for promoting ties to the highest possible level.”


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