Airborne division commander: We will take big steps in development path

April 17, 2021 - 18:47

TEHRAN — General Yousef Ghorbani, commander of the Army Airborne Division, said on Saturday that Iran will never imagine that it has reached a zenith, noting the Islamic Republic is setting aims for greater steps. 

"Our effort today is to take greater steps for the development and promotion of the airborne division in 1399,” Ghorbani told a press conference on the eve of Army Day.

Iran’s calendar year 1399 ended on March 20, 2021. 

He also said the airborne division is ready to transfer the ballot boxes in places that are hard to reach. 

The presidential elections in Iran will be held on June 18. 

General Ghorbani said, “This year, as in the past, we will show our strength by holding parades in our bases.”

Ghorbani added today Iran is manufacturing all spare parts for its helicopters and “we can overhaul our helicopters ourselves, which is a complicated procedure.”

He added, “We have the largest aerial fleet in West Asia today, and that is because of the efforts over the last forty years.” 

The general also said Iran is able to optimize night vision systems. “We have updated our weapons systems today, and we've moved on to upgrade other equipment as well.”

Ghorbani went on to say that Iran is unrelenting in its efforts to upgrade its weapons systems. “We will never imagine that we have reached a great point.” 

The airborne division play an important role when natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes happen.

“We saw what efforts were made by the airborne division in floods and earthquakes in recent years. Of course, these are missions other than our usual missions. Including our mission in extinguishing fires,” Ghorbani stated. 

“We also do most of aerial emergency in 30 provinces, and most of the aerial emergency is carried out by the airborne division,” the military official said.

He also announced that the Army airborne division has rescued 2,000 people from death. 


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