“Hit and run era” is over, IRGC says of Israel’s war on Palestinians

May 21, 2021 - 22:20

TEHRAN — The Islamic Revolution Guards Corp released a statement on Friday afternoon congratulating the Palestinians on their bravery and courage in the fight against the usurper Israeli regime.

“We thank the Almighty God, who at a critical and decisive moment, fired the volcano of anger and the holy will of the Palestinian resistance in the occupied territories, especially in Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank, and reduced the fake and criminal Zionist regime and its zealous rulers to ashes.”

Pointing to the normalization deals with Israel labeled as “Abraham Accords,” the statement said, “Some Islamic countries, which have agreed to normalize relations with the occupiers of Holy Quds, made an agreement and brought the final decline of this brutal regime closer to the eyes of the world than ever before.”

The statement said, “The 11-day battle of the brave and courageous Palestinian fighters, which led to the Zionists' request for unilateral ceasefire, showed more than any fact that ‘hit and run era’ and destruction of homes and displacement of oppressed and defenseless Palestinians is over.”

It pointed to the “Sword of Quds” operation, saying that it shows that superior hand of the Palestinian Intifada today has easily passed through the Iron Dome system

“Israel's cancerous tumor is on the verge of death and destruction, and the occupiers are well aware that they will not be able to continue the violence and killing of defenseless Palestinian women, men and children and the repetition of brutal and medieval adventures,” the statement remarked. 


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