Raeisi: President has no ‘shortage of authority’

June 7, 2021 - 21:46

TEHRAN — Speaking at a televised program on Monday, presidential contender Ebrahim Raeisi said that the president has no “shortage of authority” in Iran, but whoever becomes president must consider coordination with other branches of government (Parliament and Judiciary) under the supervision of the leadership.

“The frustration of the people due to some actions and the invitation of many different strata made me enter the election arena,” he said. 

Raeisi said that the 40-year management has given him the knowledge to solve problems, and he wants to solve the problems by acting eagerly alongside the people.

“I told some presidents who were at the end of their term to see the constitution, to see the powers of the president, the powers given to the president by the constitution. I suggested to some gentlemen to read the constitution once and then step into the field of elections,” the presidential contender stated.

Raeisi also said that the world economy cannot be put on hold. 

“We will interact with the world. Iran's influence in the region, along with active diplomacy in the economic field will be one of our plans. The principle of interaction with other countries is certain, but it is not logical to tie the country's progress to it and condition the economy,” he pointed out. 

Raeisi went on to say that today sanctions under the “maximum pressure” strategy by the U.S. have not bended Iran. 

“What we see in the country today has nothing to do with sanctions, it is related to internal mismanagement. Sanctions have created problems, but they are more about mismanagement,” he remarked.

In response to the question whether he has unemployed people in his family, he said, "Yes, we also have unemployed people; it is impossible not to have an unemployed member in the family."

The top judge, that in the opinion polls far ahead of his competitors for the presidential post, said unemployment, housing and health issues are the major problems Iranians are facing right now. 


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