Doc to portray Constitutional Revolution figure Ali Monsieur 

June 14, 2021 - 18:56

TEHRAN – Iran’s Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC) is producing e a documentary, which will chronicle the political life of Ali Monsieur, a key figure in the Constitutional Revolution.

Masud Mir is the director of the documentary named “Ali Monsieur” and Mohammad Fartusi is collaborating in this project as a producer, the DEFC announced in a press release published last week.

“It will be a biopic about a person in the Constitutional Revolution, which never would have proceeded without his support and intelligence,” the center said.

According to Ahmad Kasravi’s book “History of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution”, a year before the Constitutional Revolution broke out in Iran, the Iranian expatriates in the Caucasus established a social-democrat group named the Ejtemaeiun-Amiun Party based on the Russian social democrat constitution, and Azerbaijani Bolshevik revolutionary Nariman Narimanov was the leader of the party.

Following the Constitutional Revolution, Ali Monsieur, Hajji Ali Davaforush, Hajji Rasul Sedqiani and several other revolutionaries translated the Russian social democrat constitution in the northwestern Iranian city of Tabriz and set up a secret group of mujahedin named Markaze Gheibi (Secret Center).

Markaze Gheibi played a key role in the victory of the Constitutional Revolution and breaking the siege of Tabriz by the central government.

The revolution began in 1905 and the Constitutional Decree was signed by Qajar king Mozaffar ad-Din Shah in the Saheb Qaranieh Palace on August 6, 1906.

Forces affiliated with Qajar king Mohammad Ali Shah, besieged Tabriz for 11 months to suppress the constitutionalists and preventing food and medicine from reaching the city.

Ali Monsieur died during the siege of Tabriz and his sons, Hassan and Qadir, were executed by Russian forces in the city.

His house in Tabriz was later converted into a museum displaying some of his personal effects and belongings.

The DEFC has begun a project over the past year to produce documentaries on several key figures during the Qajar period. 

A documentary of the project is on the Qajar-era businessman Hajj Mohammad-Hossein Mahdavi (1872-1932) known as Amin al-Zarb.

He was the first businessman who became the first Iranian industrial investor, promoting entrepreneurship.

During the Constitutional Revolution, he led a group of merchants to mediate between the court and the people taking sanctuary in the British Legation. Later he was elected to the first, seventh and eighth sessions of Majles.

Photo: This photo shows a room in the Ali Monsieur Museum in Tabriz. 


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