Leader: Voting is solution to problems

June 16, 2021 - 23:32

TEHRAN — In a live speech late on Wednesday, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei talked about the Friday presidential election and recent accomplishments made by Iranian experts in producing vaccine to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Leader began his speech by saying that in a recent meeting he had said that the participation in elections is “not just a political issue, rather there is a philosophy behind it.”

He said all through these years since the Islamic Revolution, the foes have tried to interfere and disrupt the thoughts of the people, and even undermine the elections. However, he said, all the elections have taken place on time.

No election in any country has faced as much disruptions by the enemies as Iran, said the Leader.

He also said that the American and British media outlets are trying hard to level accusations against the Islamic Republic with all kinds of words and reports. 

“They aim to distance people from the Islamic Republic. But people have never listened to them. They have done the opposite of what enemies say,” the Leader remarked. 

He also said that there are facts and events that need to be looked at from a broad perspective. 

“Elections is more than just political taste of people, and all people must participate, as their presence is effective,” Ayatollah Khamenei pointed out. 

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution also said that the foes are strongly opposed to elections, therefore, participating in the elections is "a good deed."

The election shows people's participation at the scene, the Leader said. “The Iranian people are the backbone of establishment.” 

Ayatollah Khamenei added that the people's turnout in the elections is an authoritative tool for the Islamic Republic system. 

“The foes inside and outside (of Iran) want to weaken Iran, and bring insecurity to Iran and make it vulnerable to terrorists. They want elections to be held without the presence of the people to weaken Iran,” the Leader underlined. 

He said that if people do not participate in the elections, the enemies will maximize pressure on the country. 

The Leader said if the president wins the elections with a large number of votes, he will enjoy great support and can conduct great things.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said that Iran’s elections have always been held in a secure environment. 

“In these years, presidents with different tastes have come to power. Elections have always been secure,” he remarked. 

The Leader called the election competitive according to the presidential debates, adding this is an undeniable fact. 

“The foes have always questioned all the elections. We cannot expect enemies to complement our elections. Some countries are run in a tribal way and have no idea about elections,” he remarked. 

The Leader also said that some poor classes of society have great concerns such as unemployment, and the next government should pay attention to them. 

He also said it is true that some people have legitimate grievances and are doubtful to vote but this not the right approach.
“They are right to be doubtful about not participating, yet their approach is wrong. They should not miff with ballot boxes. Voting is the solution to the problems,” he remarked. 

“We all must vote for someone who can allay people's concerns. The future administration must pay attention to the poor,” he emphasized. 

The Leader also said that the youth must always lead the way, particularly in the elections. 

“First voters must guide people and advise others to vote,” he noted. 

Despair shall not be allowed in the country, Ayatollah Khamenei suggested. 

“Our country has great morale. I explained in various speeches. We are a powerful and great country, and enemies know that. The establishment of Revolution is part of this power.” 

‘Youth did not wait for envious countries and produced COVID-19 vaccine’

He cited Iran’s success in producing vaccine, COVIran Braekat, to control the Covid-19 pandemic as an example of Iran’s scientific power, saying, “Our youth did not wait for the envious, greedy hands of other countries and produced coronavirus vaccine. We are one of the few countries that have the great infrastructure to mass produce vaccines. Other vaccines are being produced too.”

He went on to say that Iran needed radiopharmaceuticals, and to provide that it needed 20% enriched uranium. “They didn't give it to us, (and) we produced it.” 

The West also refused to sell some defensive equipment to Iran but Iranian experts themselves made that equipment even better than their foreign brands, the Leader explained.

“They did not give us (defensive equipment), and we built them. Iran cannot be disappointed.” 

The Leader also said that the election officials must protect people's safety amid the Coronavirus pandemic, emphasizing that the people's participation shall not hurt safety of the society.

He also indirectly referred to the Canadian government which is not allowing Iranians living there to vote, saying, “On the issue of elections abroad, I received reports that some countries refused to cooperate. I ask the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide conditions so that enthusiastic Iranians could vote.” 

He also asked election officials to confront possible election violations with seriousness. 

The Leader concluded his remarks by praying for the health and safety of the Iranian nation.


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