Navy chief: Dena soon to go on naval missions

August 10, 2021 - 21:46

TEHRAN — Iran’s Navy commander announced on Tuesday that Dena destroyer is ready to be sent to naval missions.

Rear Admiral Khanzadi made the announcement while visiting the third naval region of the Iranian Navy. 
Pointing to the importance of developing a maritime civilization in the shadow of sustainable security, Khanzadi said the construction of fully indigenous vessels is a sign of self-sufficiency of Iranian specialists. 

“The Army in international waters, while waving the holy flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran and ensuring the security of sea lines in order to protect Iran's interests, shows a manifestation of the country's authority and pride,” the commander added. 

Insisting on the need to strengthen the trans-regional presence of the Islamic Republic in international waters, he said, "All-Iranian Dena destroyer, which is a masterpiece, showing intelligence and talent of Iranian engineers and technologists to improve the naval capacity of the Navy fleet in the region will soon join the third naval region, stationed at Konarak.

The Navy commander noted that the capability of this force in all fields is constantly increasing to provide a way for the next generation of Iranian sailors to be able to carry out their assigned missions more easily and an important step towards the development of maritime civilization with the slogan of peace and friendship.

The Iranian Navy unveiled Dena destroyer through a virtual videoconference led by former President Hassan Rouhani on June 14.

The destroyer – which is named after one of the most famous mountaintops of the country – is equipped with various defensive and offensive systems, is designed to make long journeys in the oceans, and is capable of detecting, tracking, and hitting various aerial, surface, and submarine targets.

Dena is reported to weigh more than 1,300 tons, and is equipped with 4 cruise missiles ready to open fire at any threats. It is also capable of carrying helicopters on its deck.


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