Iran FM holds talks with foreign counterparts

September 3, 2021 - 18:24

TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian has spoken over the phone with a number of foreign ministers and discussed several bilateral and regional issues, including the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. 

The calls Abdollahian received were made on the occasion of his appointment as Iran’s foreign minister. But in addition to congratulations, he discussed many important issues of mutual interest. 

Foreign ministers of two European parties to the Iran nuclear deal – France and Germany - and the foreign minister of Austria which hosts the nuclear talks, were among the foreign officials that Abddollahian spoke with.

Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg has congratulated Abdollahian on assuming his new post after winning the Parliament’s vote of confidence.

Austria to provide Iran with one million Coronavirus vaccines 

Schallenberg said his country is ready to boost bilateral cooperation with Iran and provide the country with one million Coronavirus vaccine doses within two weeks, according to a statement by the Iranian foreign ministry. 

He also thanked Iran for helping with the evacuation of Austrian nationals from Afghanistan and highlighted the necessity of exchanging views on the JCPOA and the resumption of the Vienna talks over the nuclear deal.

Abdollahian also said Iran is prepared for economic, industrial, agricultural, scientific and technological cooperation with Austria. He also called for more cooperation on the Covid vaccine.

On the nuclear deal, he said Iran has proved its commitment to safeguarding the agreement through exercising strategic restraint in the face of the U.S. withdrawal and Europe’s inaction. Abdollahian added that it’s high time the other sides show their good will and abide by their obligations in real terms.

"Engaging in talks for sake of talks unacceptable”

He said Iran believes that "engaging in negotiations for the sake of negotiations is not acceptable though it accepts talks in principle".

The two chief diplomats also talked about the Baghdad summit. Abdollahian described the summit as a good initiative for regional cooperation. He however noted that Iraq’s sovereignty has already been violated by irresponsible interventions on the part of the U.S. and some other countries, just as “we witnessed in the case of the cowardly assassination of the international hero of fighting against terrorism, top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, and top Iraqi commander Abu Mahdi Muhandis.”

Maas thanks Iran for facilitating evacuation of German nationals from Afghanistan

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has also told Iran’s top diplomat Abdollahian that his country is ready to take all necessary measures to send BionTech’s Covid vaccine to Iran.

The two foreign ministers were speaking over the phone. Maas also thanked Iran for facilitating the evacuation of German nationals from Afghanistan and exchanged views with Abdollahian over the latest developments in the country.

The German foreign minister also called for resumption of the Vienna talks as soon as possible. He said Berlin is ready to expand relations with Iran in all areas.

In the telephone conversation, Abdollahian called on Germany to finalize talks over BioNTech.

Abdollahian also blasted the U.S. hypocrisy, saying Washington has hampered imports of vital and medical supplies to Iran through sanctions.

“U.S. virtually has no sound understanding of the region and Iran”

He also spoke of U.S. President Joe Biden's recent threat against Iran, saying the U.S. officials must mind their manners while talking to Iran. Abdollahian added that American officials virtually have no sound understanding of the region and Iran, most particularly the Iranian people. He said the way the U.S. speaks to Iran will not only fail to help resolve problems but also complicates the situation.

He noted that Iran agrees to the Vienna talks in principle but it accepts negotiations that will result in removing all sanctions on the country and fulfilling the rights of the Iranian people.

Iran FM urges E3 to abide by JCPOA commitments 

He also urged the group of countries known as the European troika to change course and begin abiding by their obligations under the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

The Iranian foreign minister said Tehran welcomes expanding ties with Germany in all fields.

The foreign ministers of Iran and France, in a phone conversation, have discussed important developments in bilateral relations as well as in the region and the world.

The top French diplomat congratulated Abdollahian on his appointment as Iran’s foreign minister and called increasing contacts and talks on issues important for both sides.

Abdollahian said the U.S., due to its illegal withdrawal from the nuclear deal and imposition of oppressive sanctions on the great Iranian nation, and European governments, because of their inaction, are responsible for the current situation regarding the matter.

“U.S., Europeans must return to full compliance with JCPOA”

He said the U.S. and the European countries must return to full compliance with the JCPOA. He said Iran will participate in talks that will produce tangible results and fulfill the rights and interests of the Iranian people.

The Iranian foreign minister added that unfortunately the current U.S. administration, despite its previous claims, is bent on using the illegal sanctions as a tool to pressure Iran. He said the U.S. should know that Iran will not give in to pressure, urging Europe to play a constructive role by adopting a calculated stance.

The two top diplomats supported the goals of the Baghdad summit to encourage regional cooperation. Abdollahian blamed regional crises on interventions by foreign powers, saying the current Iranian administration will prioritize good relations with neighbors. He added, as reiterated in the recent Baghdad summit, stability in West Asia is only possible through cooperation by regional countries and any irresponsible interference [by foreign powers] will make matters worse.

The Iranian and French foreign ministers also discussed the situation in Afghanistan and agreed that all countries must work together to encourage all Afghan groups to form an inclusive government to restore stability and security there. The two sides agreed to continue talks on these issues.

Di Maio lauds historical friendship between Italy and Iran 
Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Luigi Di Maio has sent a message to Abdollahian, congratulating him on winning the Iranian Parliament’s vote of confidence as Iran’s Foreign Minister.

Di Maio expressed confidence that Iran and Italy will continue expanding their useful ties in light of their historical friendship during the tenure of the current Iranian administration.

He stressed that expanding the ties between Iran and Italy will strengthen economic and cultural cooperation as well as regional relations.

The Italian foreign minister added that his country will stand by Iran within COVAX to tackle the current urgent health and treatment problems.

In addition to European foreign ministers, Abdollahian also spoke with – or received congratulatory messages from- counterparts from other parts of the world.

South African FM wishes success for Abdollahian
South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor has congratulated Abdollahian on winning the Parliament’s vote of confidence as foreign minister.

In a message to the Iranian foreign minister, Pandor said she is ready to work with Abdollahian to expand bilateral ties and boost the level of regional and international cooperation with the Islamic Republic.

She expressed hope to meet Abdollahian at the appropriate time within the framework of the Iran-South Africa joint commission. Ms. Pandor then wished Abdollahian good luck in his mission to advance Iran’s foreign policy.

In a separate message, the South African foreign minister also appreciated former Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Java Zarif for his efforts to strengthen Iran-South Africa relations.

Abdollahian and his Serbian counterpart Nikola Selakovic have exchanged views on issues of mutual interest during a phone call.

 Serbia invites Iran to attend NAM summit

The Serbian foreign minister congratulated the top Iranian diplomat on his new post, and thanked Iran for supporting Serbia's territorial integrity.

Selakovic also announced an invitation from the Serbian president for a visit to Belgrade to the Iranian president.

The Serbian foreign minister also invited Abdollahian to take part in a conference of the Non-Aligned Movement in Belgrade.

The Iranian foreign minister, for his part, thanked Serbia for donating coronavirus vaccines to Iran and expressed hope that the two sides can further cooperate in this field.

Abdollahian also stressed that supporting Serbia's territorial integrity is Iran's definite stance.

He also expressed hope that the presidents of the two countries will soon meet in Tehran or Belgrade to sign different documents that have been prepared.

Abdollahian praises Mauritania for opposing giving status observer to Israel at AU 

The two foreign ministers also agreed on planning to hold a joint cooperation commission.

Mauritanian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed has congratulated Abdollahian on his new post.

In a phone call, the Mauritanian top diplomat touched on cooperation between the two sides ever when he served as the UN secretary-general's special envoy for Yemen.

He thanked Iran for its constructive role in regional issues, calling for ties between the two countries to be expanded.

Ahmed also expressed support for Palestine and stressed his country's opposition to the Zionist regime's observer status in the African Union.

Abdollahian thanked Ahmed for Mauritania's principled stance against the Zionist regime's observer status in the African Union.

The top Iranian diplomat said the Islamic Republic is ready to expand ties with Mauritania in all fields.

Abdollahian also met with a number of foreign ambassadors, including Britain’s new Ambassador to Tehran Simon Shercliff who met with Abdollahian at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the start of his mission in Iran, submitting a draft of his credentials to the top Iranian diplomat.

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