Abdollahian receives congratulatory messages from foreign counterparts

September 11, 2021 - 18:55

TEHRAN – The new foreign minister of Iran, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, has received many more congratulatory messages from counterparts from across the globe congratulating him on becoming the foreign minister of Iran. 

Croatian Minister of Foreign and European Affairs has congratulated Abdollahian over his appointment to the post and the beginning of his career as the Islamic Republic’s foreign minister. 

In this message, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia expressed his confidence that cooperation between the two countries and the ongoing negotiations will help strengthen bilateral relations and will bring prosperity to both countries, according to the Iranian foreign ministry.

Senegal’s Foreign Minister Ms. Aissata Tall Sall has in a message congratulated Abdollahian on winning Parliament’s endorsement and starting his career as Iran’s foreign minister.

The Senegalese foreign minister expressed her readiness to work with Amir Abdullahian to strengthen good and friendly relations between the two countries.

She also said she’s interested in pushing ahead with the existing cooperation between the two sides.

Ms. Aissata Tall Sall also wished the Iranian foreign minister success in his new post.

Madagascar ready to work closely with Iran
Madagascar’s Foreign Minister Patrick Rajoelina has in a message congratulated his Iranian counterpart Abdollahian on the Iranian confidence vote appointing him as the Islamic Republic’s top diplomat.

In his message, Rajoelina expressed his interest in working closely with Abdollahian to strengthen partnership between Iran and Madagascar in order to defend the interests of the two nations and ensure their comfort and well-being.

Mali’s Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop has sent a message to Abdollahian to congratulate him on his appointment as Iran’s top diplomat.

Diop wished Amir Abdollahian success in his post. He also said he’s ready to help strengthen friendly relations and international cooperation between Iran and Mali.

United Nations Secretary General António Guterres has also congratulated Abdollahian on his appointment as the Islamic Republic’s top diplomat. In a telephone call, Guterres described the Islamic Republic of Iran as a very influential country among the members of the United Nations and said he expects close cooperation with the Iranian president and foreign minister.

The UN chief appreciated the efforts of Iran in generously hosting Afghan refugees, stressing his commitment to supporting Iran's efforts in hosting refugees.

Guterres called the UN a supporter of agreements and dialogue as a mainstay, and stressed the need for the resumption of the nuclear talks in Vienna, according to the Iranian foreign ministry. 

In this telephone conversation, Abdollahian emphasized Iran’s readiness to cooperate with the UN secretary general to find a political solution to the current situation in Afghanistan in line with talks held during the meeting of the foreign ministers of Afghanistan’s six neighbors.

On the Vienna talks, the Iranian foreign minister said the Iranian government is conducting the necessary studies on the matter, and emphasized Tehran’s commitment to dialogue and negotiation as a tool of diplomacy.

Abdollahian added, "Unfortunately, the US made a miscalculation by maintaining their illegal sanctions on Iran and they mistakenly think they can use the sanctions as a bargaining chip.”

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