Iran Navy left ‘American terrorists’ in strategic ambiguity: top commander

September 12, 2021 - 22:16

TEHRAN - Iranian Army Commander Abdolrahim Mousavi has lauded the return of a fleet of Iran’s Navy from an Atlantic mission, describing it as an achievement that left the United States in strategic ambiguity. 

At a Sunday ceremony held to welcome the return of the 75th Fleet of the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army from its Atlantic mission, Mousavi described the mission as “historic.”

“This historic mission was achieved in complete independence and with the blessings of the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic and the ingenious measures of the Commander-in-Chief, and with tact, intelligence, perseverance, courage and jihadist action of the Navy and is considered an important step in achieving the goals of the second step of the Revolution,” the top commander said.

He added, “This strategic move left the global arrogant navy, led by American terrorists, in strategic ambiguity. The implementation of this mission showed the global arrogance that the word of the Iranian people has been strengthened and no obstacle can stop the will of this nation for the rise of civilization to the sea. Maximum sanctions have increased our power.”

Mousavi also appreciated the message issued by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, to commemorate the “powerful, honorable” return of the Iranian Amry’s 75th Fleet.

Congratulating the powerful, honorable return of the 75th Fleet, Ayatollah Khamenei thanked the Commander and each of its staff for the historic mission in sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. 

“I offer my congratulations on the powerful, honorable return of the 75th Fleet of the IRI Army's Naval Forces from their momentous naval mission in the Atlantic Ocean, which has been carried out for the first time in Iran's naval history,” the Leader said in his message. 

He added, “Praise God the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran is present on the scene today with its insightful, zealous and untiring staff and is prepared to strive for the sake of the glorious Islamic Revolution's lofty goals. Preserve and promote this capability.”

Ayatollah concluded, “Express my gratitude and appreciation to the Commander and each of the dear staff of the Fleet.”

The message was communicated to Major General Mousavi, Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army.

Mousavi called the Leader message “kind,” adding that the Leader had called on the Navy to carry out a mission in the Atlantic Ocean nearly a decade ago.

“Everyone remembers that the Supreme Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces first approved the idea of going to the Atlantic Ocean in December 2011, and reiterated this issue in December 2016, and now we thank the great God who helped the Iranian sailors to bypass the Cape of Good Hope in the worst weather conditions and the political and psychological operations of the enemy and enter the Atlantic Ocean and carry out the order of the Supreme Leader,” Mousavi pointed out. 

The 75th fleet of military vessels, including Sahand destroyer and Makran forward base ship, returned to Iran on Thursday after a mission that lasted 133 days.

The fleet has sailed 45,000 kilometers in three oceans, passing by 55 countries on three continents.

In a press conference on September 8, Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, Commander of the Iranian Navy, said the fleet completed the mission without receiving help from any country.

The Iranian warships did not need to make any port call to fulfill even the technical needs, Irani said.

Irani described the mission of the 75th fleet to the northern Indian Ocean and St. Petersburg as “the biggest and most historical naval mission.” 

The biggest challenge for the fleet was to prove its self-confidence, the Navy chief remarked. 

The commander said, “Demonstrating self-confidence and capability of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the world arena was important in this mission. For those who never believed in the ability of the children of Iran, they now believe in this ability.”

He added, “Apart from the Indian Ocean, we went to the direction of the China Sea and attended that region with Sabalan destroyer. Then we attended the Mediterranean Sea bypassing the Suez Canal. Then we took another step and went to the Cape of Good Hope. And in 20121 we honorably passed through three oceans and participated in the parade of the Russian Navy.”

On Sunday, a group of 265 members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly issued a statement to appreciate the proud presence of the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

They said in the statement that the Strategic Naval Forces of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran have prevented the enemies from achieving their nefarious goals during the difficult period of sanctions against Iran. 

The Navy of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran has made a powerful and proud presence in the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea at a time when the humiliated enemy claims that it has caused problems for Iran by applying maximum pressure, the statement said. The Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, while supplying high-tech parts from domestic sources, not only did not suffer from sanctions, but also appeared much stronger than before, the lawmakers noted. 

They thanked Mousavi and the officer corps as well as the servicemen of the Iranian Military Navy for their tireless efforts. 

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