Hezbollah chief calls Iran sincere ally

October 8, 2021 - 14:59

TEHRAN – Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah told the visiting Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian that “Iran has proven that it is a sincere and loyal ally, and it does to leave alone its friends at difficult times.”

During the meeting, Nasrallah also thanked Iran for standing on the side of the Lebanese people, government and the resistance movement since decades ago.

The Hezbollah chief made the remarks as until this date Iran has shipped three fuel tankers to Lebanon which is facing a crippling fuel crisis.

The Hezbollah secretary general went on to say that there is a great hope that through cooperation by all sides Lebanon will get out of the current difficult situation.

Amir Abdollahian and Nasrallah also assessed the latest political developments in Lebanon. Abdollahian insisted that Iran is unwavering in its position toward Lebanon and supports the country in all areas.

Amir Abdollahian made a first visit to Lebanon on Thursday morning singe he took over as foreign minister. According to IRNA, He visited Beirut directly from Moscow.

During his stay in Beirut, Amir Abdollahian held talks with senior Lebanese officials including President Michel Aoun, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, Prime Minister Najib Mikati, Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib about mutual and regional issues.

In his talks, the foreign minister insisted on Iran’s strong support to Lebanon in all areas.

In each of the meetings, the talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia were also discussed.

Iran says stands with Lebanese

During his meeting Prime Minister Mikati, Amir Abdollahian congratulated Mikati on forming the new government in Lebanon and said the Islamic Republic, as always, will stand by the Lebanese people and is ready to assist the country, especially to overcome power outages and fuel shortages.

For his part, Mikati stressed that Lebanon welcomes any effort from brotherly and friendly countries and the international community, as long as it falls within the context of assisting Beirut in preserving the state.

“Lebanon is in dire need today, more than ever, to strengthen the confidence of the Lebanese in the state and its institutions, through normal relations among countries based on mutual respect and common interests, in a way that serves the aspirations of their people,” he said, according to Press TV.

Mikati added that the best service that can be provided to Lebanon and the region is that the dialogue between the Arab countries and Iran yields full consensus on various issues.

Iran says ready to build two power plants in Lebanon

In his joint press conference with the Lebanese foreign minister upon his arrival in Beirut on Thursday morning, Amir-Abdollahian said Iran is ready to build two power plants in Lebanon, one in Beirut and the other in the south of the country, in a period of less than 18 months.

“We would do this quickly as part of a joint venture between Lebanese and Iranian investors and sharing Iranian technical engineering services [with Lebanon],” Press TV quoted him as saying.

He also stressed that the Islamic Republic is prepared to help Lebanon overcome the economic crisis it is facing.

Lebanon has been mired in a deep economic and financial crisis since late 2019. The crisis is the gravest threat to the country’s stability since the 15-year civil war ended in 1990.

The economic and financial crisis is mostly linked to the sanctions that the United States and its allies have imposed on Lebanon as well as foreign intervention in the Arab nation’s domestic affairs.

In August, while the Arab country was going through crippling fuel shortages, the secretary general of the Lebanese resistance group Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, announced the import of Iranian fuel to help Lebanon manage the shortages.

Three tankers carrying Iranian fuel have already reached Syria to be transferred to neighboring Lebanon.

Iran has also expressed readiness to sell fuel to the Lebanese government.

In his meeting with Parliament Speaker Berri, Amir Abdollahian thanked the Lebanese MPs for their constructive approach in helping form the new government in Lebanon and taking steps in line with protecting the country’s national security.

The Iranian foreign minister said his country attaches great importance to Lebanon in its foreign policy and said the Islamic Republic is ready to create a situation for economic activities by Iranian investors in Lebanon.

The Iranian foreign minister also said presence of foreign forces in the region are the chief causes of “insecurity and instability” in the region.

In his meeting with Berri, Amir Abdollahian again reiterated that Iran is ready to build power plants in Lebanon. He said Iranian engineering companies are capable providing services to Lebanon at the level of global standards with lower prices.

Berri says Iran has been on the side of Lebanon in difficult times

For his part, the Lebanese parliament speaker thanked Iranian officials for sending messages congratulating Lebanon on forming new government. He also said receiving technical and engineering services from Iran at different fields is now a necessity for Lebanon.

The two sides also held talks over dialogue between Iran and Saudi Arabia and assessed the process as positive.

Berri also said Iran has been on the side of Lebanon in difficult days.

“We believe that one should know friends at difficult times and Iran has been a country that has been on the side of Lebanon in hard times and assisted to promote and strengthen the status of Lebanon in the region,” Berri pointed out.

“Dialogue is best way to resolve regional and international issues”

In his press conference with his Lebanese counterpart, Amir Abdollahian said dialogue is the “best way” to resolve regional and international issues.

“We believe in dialogue and consider it as the most proper way to resolve regional and global issues and problems,” the Iranian foreign minister suggested.

Amir Abdollahian also said Iran is ready to help rebuild the port of Beirut through export technical and engineering services if the Lebanese make such a request.

Aoun says Lebanese see Iran as their friend

In his meeting with Amir Abdollahian, President Aoun also said the Lebanese consider Iran as their friend and see it on their side.

“In Lebanon both people and officials consider Iran as their friend and we always feel Iran on their sides,” Aoun remarked.

The Lebanese president also expressed happiness over dialogue between Iran and Saudi Arabia and said it is “important” and a source of “stability” in the region.


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