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Steps of washing carpets in carpet washing

November 5, 2021 - 12:31

Carpet is one of the most effective elements in the home space. Since the appearance of houses is determined by the carpet, you need to be diligent in maintaining it. Today, carpets are no longer washed at home as they used to be. Instead, place them in a safe carpet cleaner to extend the life of your carpet.

Shahran Carpet Washing is one of the best carpets washing in the country, which uses the best and most up-to-date methods to wash your carpets. In this article, we try to explain the steps of washing carpets in carpet washing to you to know what processes your carpet is washed after being transported to the carpet washing. Stay with us until the end of this article to introduce you to the best carpet washing in the country.

The use of carpets and rugs has long had a special place in Iranian homes. Carpets, especially if they are hand-woven, have a high cultural and economic value, and therefore washing should be done in a principled way. Today, the carpet washing industry has made good progress and the use of advanced equipment and tools can not only clean carpets but also maintain their strength, color, and texture. The process of washing carpets and rugs has several basic steps, which we will introduce in the following. In carpet washing, carpets and rugs are made in steps that, if done correctly and in a principled manner, will result in the carpet being cleaned in the best possible way.

The first step in the process of washing carpets and rugs is to remove dust and, in other words, to dust them. Carpets, regardless of whether they are hand-woven or machine-made, absorb a lot of dust over time, which must be removed before washing. In carpet washing, special dust collectors are used for this purpose.

Steps of washing carpets in carpet washing

After this stage, it is time to wash the carpet with detergent. Using the appropriate detergent for the carpet and rug is a point that should be considered in this stage. This is done in carpet washing using special machines to minimize damage to the texture of carpets and rugs.

Rinsing and dewatering carpets and rugs is a step that should be done after washing with detergent. Rinsing is done with water pressure in several stages and then it is time to dehydrate. Carpet dewatering is done using special cylindrical machines in carpet washing. After washing and dewatering, it is time to dry the carpet. If this part of the work is not done well, it may cause an unpleasant odor and even rot in the texture of carpets and rugs. The best way to dry carpets is to use natural sunlight, but in carpet washing, greenhouses are used to do this, which in addition to completely drying the carpet does not have a negative effect on its quality. Janat Abad carpet cleaning will do these processes regularly and can wash the carpets in the best ways.

Why is it economical to wash carpets in the carpet cleanings?

Because in addition to reducing costs and saving time, you are a great help in maintaining limited freshwater resources. And you no longer have to pay for water and detergents. And at the end of the day, you have no place to dry, and finally, after drying and total fatigue, what you wanted was not done and the carpet was not well cleaned and the roots of the carpet and the middle of the carpet turned yellow. Of course, trusting all carpet cleaners is definitely wrong.

Steps of washing carpets in carpet washing

Washing handmade carpets

But the more important thing is that today, due to the limitations of urban life and apartment living, there is not enough time and space to wash carpets at home for most people. So, they would only resort to this as a last resort. Especially that one of our Iranian traditions is moving house on Eid night. One of the most important things that makes the care of hand-woven carpets more sensitive is that many of these rugs use silk. Silk flower rugs, silk weaves, and all silk rugs also need extra care. Because the presence of valuable silk yarn also makes these rugs more sensitive to damage. The decision to wash hand-woven carpets, especially carpets with silk, needs to be put on the agenda more carefully and delicately. Also, use detergents that do not damage the texture of these valuable carpets. Also, the temperature of the water used in washing these carpets should be determined according to principles. This protects the texture and color of the carpet.

Machine woven carpet

After dusting, the carpet is wetted with a lot of water and enters the automatic washing machine. This machine washes and rinses the carpet according to the plan. Machine-made carpets due to having synthetic and plastic materials. Most handmade carpets absorb dust and require specialized cleaning. Depending on the material used, these carpets have types such as wool, fluff, silk, and acrylic.


If you have a machine-made or hand-woven rug or carpet, it is better not to wash it yourself, as any misplaced action can damage the texture of your rug. Carpet cleaners today have modern machines for washing your carpets. In this place, the carpets are washed and dried using special methods. By leaving your carpet to the carpet cleaner, you no longer have to worry about damaging the texture of your carpet. Because the standard principles in washing carpets in these carpet washes will be fully observed. You no longer need to spend hours of your time and energy washing carpets in your home, with just one phone call, your carpets will be transported to a carpet cleaner and finally sent to you completely clean. Click here for more information. In this article, we tried to explain the steps of washing carpets in carpet washing and also to express the important points in washing machine-made carpets and handmade carpets. Thank you for reading this article.

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