Iran, Turkey vow to boost parliamentary ties

December 10, 2021 - 22:3

TEHRAN — The Iranian Parliament speaker, who had had participated in the Inter-Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Palestine and issue of refugees, met on Thursday with Mustafa Sentop, speaker of the Turkish Parliament.

In the meeting, Qalibaf said, “In this summit and similar regional and international summits, we can try to solve the problems of Islamic countries, but this issue requires comprehensive studies and cooperation before the summits.”

The speaker further stated that he believes Iran and Turkey can play good roles at regional and international levels through close cooperation. 

“We are ready to define joint cooperation,” he remarked.

He added that the priority of the Iranian government and parliament is to develop cooperation with neighboring countries and Islamic countries. “I hope in the near future the strategic agreement between the two countries will be finalized and a roadmap for developing Iran-Turkey relations will be determined.”

Close bilateral cooperation will play an effective role in regional and international developments, Qalibaf added.

He further stated, “There are many common interests between the two countries, and given these interests and the effective role of the two countries, foreign powers do not agree with this cooperation and the promotion of relations between the two countries.”

The head of Iran’s legislative branch continued by stating that there is no issue in the region in which the two countries do not play influential roles.

In conclusion, the senior parliamentarian considered the role of the Iranian-Turkish parliamentary friendship groups in resolving issues in Syria and Iraq very important and emphasized the need by the two neighbors to become more active.

‘Turkish Parliament is determined to strengthen relations with Iran’

For his part, Sentop said unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the role of the Inter-Parliamentary Union of the member countries of the OIC has been weakened.

The Turkish Parliament speaker, while emphasizing the need to form a committee to pursue the rights of Muslims who are present in some countries but are in the minority, said, “The issue of Palestine has always been on our agenda and we have raised it in regional and international forums.”

He went on to say that in order to improve bilateral relations and strategic meetings between the two countries, Erdogan is scheduled to visit Tehran soon, adding that Turkey is also determined to develop relations between the two neighbors within the framework of parliamentary relations. 

The parliamentary friendship groups of the two countries can become more active, he added. 

“Given the position of Iran and Turkey in the region and the common issues we face, increasing border security and synergy in countering terrorist groups should be of concern to both countries,” Sentop said.

Referring to the increase in trade between the two countries in 2021 compared to the past, he said Turkey is against unilateral U.S. sanctions against Iran.
“We hope that the Vienna talks will be successful,” Sentop said in reference to the ongoing talks between Iran and great powers intended to lift the illegal sanctions on Iran.

He added, “We understand Iran's concerns about developments in the region.” 

The senior Turkish parliamentarian said given the situation in Afghanistan, Turkey is concerned about a new wave of migration from Afghanistan.

“So we need to work closely together to resolve the problems,” he added.

Sentop further noted that Turkey supports peace and stability in the borders of neighboring countries.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union of the OIC with the agenda of Palestine, Immigration and Afghanistan was held on December 9 and 10 in Istanbul. It was hosted by the Turkish Parliament.

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