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What is a Customer Connection Platform?

January 29, 2022 - 18:57

The customer is the heart of every business. Customers make it possible for you to start your business, grow it, and keep it. Connecting with customers is a key to making sure your business is a success. You wouldn’t be where you are today without your customers.

You have learned a thing or two about connecting with customers. Knowing how to communicate with customers makes it a lot easier for you to gain a loyal following at your small or big business. Customer satisfaction, customer onboarding, customer engagement, and customer retention are essential for the success of your business. Technology runs today’s businesses, which is one of the main reasons you need to look at the innovation in your business to be more connected with your customers.

Customers expect your business to use technology to make visiting your business, shopping, using and purchasing your products and services more convenient for them.

You can interact with customers more accessible than ever by using our Customer Connection Platform.

Five simple ways to improve customer connections in your business.


Make sure you have a good-looking website. Customers always look at your websites for basic information about your business. They want to see what time you’re open, what kind of products or services you offer, and your company’s contact information. In this article, “How to make a QR code for your website,” you will read about using QR codes and short links to empower the customers to access your website or your specific links about your services.What is a Customer Connection Platform?

Social media

It is a great free way to connect with your customers, which helps your business attract customers, get customer feedback, and build customer loyalty. You can increase your market reach, including international markets. Social Media help to develop your brand and increase traffic to your website.

Many different social media platforms let you reach out to customers or gain new customers.

You can connect with customers using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok, and Linkedin.

Product/Service Documents

Product or service documents are needed when you introduce new products or services. Typically, the goal is to provide your customers with all the information and material that they need to experience success with your service or product. Next to the documents, Product training is essential for your business and customer connection. In this article, “How to make QR code for product documents and training,” you will read about a high-tech mobile learning approach by using QR codes and short link and how to empower the customers to access the material they need at the point of need.


Another excellent way to connect with people is by arranging events. You can organize different sales or promotional events for your products or services. Your events can be organized at a specific place or even online to talk about your business.

Getting your business out there is a great way to connect with people. And, it lets them know what your business does if they want to make a future purchase.

For example, your community might have a festival. You could rent a booth and give free samples of your business’s product. That way, people can see what you offer, and it helps you connect with new people. Whatever the case may be, get your business out there to connect with customers.


Your customers have different options available to reach your company’s customer service department or representative. Still, many times, the choice is by the customer to use call, email, or send the SMS. Between a phone call, email, or SMS, which channel is preferred by customers, and does one have a faster resolution time than the other?

Because the phone offers instant communication rather than delayed responses like email, the issue or question can be resolved immediately without sitting in an inbox to be opened. That creates higher customer satisfaction

and frees up your employees’ time to deal with other issues or tasks. Your business needs to provide all these options to your customers to contact you quickly.

Why Customer Connection Platform and DocDrag?

Now it is time to apply the innovation in your business to be more connected with your customers and improve customer satisfaction, customer onboarding, customer engagement, and customer retention on your businessWhat is a Customer Connection Platform?

Ten main reasons how DocDrag helps your business connect with your customers.

● Quick and straightforward access to website link

● Quick and straightforward access to all your social media via one QR code or Shortlink

● Quick and straightforward access to all your product documents

● Simply and quickly promote your events with generated QR code and short link

● A simple way for your customers to call your business phone numbers or send an email via Qr code or short link

● Save time and money with managing all your QR codes and short links in one single platform

● Use the same Qr code or short link for different items and change it every day without reprinting the Qr codes

● Generate a QR code and short link once, and define every day the resources behind it (e.g., weblink, files, documents, social media, events, phone number, and emails)

● Monitor when and where your customers scan your Qr code, visit your short links, and be updated with automatic weekly and monthly reports.

● Create a truly branded experience with a fully branded platform.

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