IAEA to present quarterly report on Iran on Tuesday

March 7, 2022 - 21:40

TEHRAN — The Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) plans to release its quarterly report on Iran’s nuclear program to its board of governors.

Mohammad Reza Ghaebi, the head of Iran's Permanent Mission to the IAEA, said that the new report contained some positive developments, including the removal of one of the alleged sites from the list of remaining safeguards issues from the IAEA agenda at this time.

Following the publication of the report of the IAEA’s director general on the Non-Proliferation Treaty Safeguard Agreement with Iran, Ghaebi said  the new report reiterates some technical issues between Iran and the IAEA.

It contains some positive developments and welcomes the progress and strengthening of cooperation between Iran and the IAEA, as well as resolving safeguards issues, including a joint statement on Saturday between the IAEA director general and the head of the Atomic Energy Agency of Iran (AEOI), as well as announcing the removal of one of the alleged safeguards from the IAEA agenda at this time.

According to the IAEA report, Ghaebi added, following constructive consultations between the IAEA chief and the AEOI president on December 15, 2021, Iran and the IAEA agreed to continue resolving the remaining safeguards issues. 

To this end, he said, it was also agreed that Iran and the IAEA would conduct a series of information exchanges and assessments through expert meetings.

Ghaebi added, “The Agency has stated that it has now reached the conclusion that it has no questions about one of the alleged sites and that this site is no longer a matter of safeguards.”

The diplomat noted that another part of the new report is devoted to the subject of the Saturday joint statement between Iran and the IAEA, under which the director general welcomed the joint statement agreed with Iran’s nuclear chief to resolve other remaining safeguards issues in the form of a timetable.

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