Marketplace devoted to Iranian cuisine to open in Tehran  

April 11, 2022 - 20:11

TEHRAN – The Food and Gastronomy Club affiliated with the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO plans to inaugurate a special marketplace dedicated to Persian cuisine.   

The marketplace is aimed to promote the cultural significance of indigenous dishes and foodstuff across the Iranian plateau with references to its numerous subcultures, Mohammad Babareza, who presides over the club said on Monday.

“Moreover, we are preparing to form various departments of Iranian food products at the UNESCO’s Food and Gastronomy Club in order to introduce local food products to people from different countries,” Babareza noted.  

Iranian food is a highlight of traveling in the country, with considerable variety on offer. While you may often eat cheap meals on the run, remember that for many Iranians, eating is a social event in which food is only half the story.

No Persian meal is complete without an abundance of herbs. Every table is usually set with sabzi-khordan, a basket of fresh herbs, radishes, and scallions, which are eaten raw and by the handful. Persian cuisine is, above all, about balance — of tastes and flavors, textures and temperatures.


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