We respond to every threat with the highest level of power: Army chief

April 17, 2022 - 18:49

TEHRAN – The commander of the Iranian Army has warned the enemies that his country will respond in full force to any military adventure against the Islamic Republic.

Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi affirmed that the army, in light of the valuable experiences gained in the past, has learned and experienced real war in any geographical conditions and will respond with the highest level of capability to any move.

The warning came in a statement as Iran is set to mark Army and Land Force Day on Monday, April 18.

“The people in the army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, under the leadership of the Imams of the Revolution, have built a strong army at the level of the revolutionary, loyal and popular army around the axis of moral values and have preserved border security with the pure blood of the fighters and the generous sacrifices of their families, and they have always made the provision of security and peace of mind to the proud people on their agenda,” General Mousavi said in the statement said, according to Al Alam.

He added, “Wherever it was necessary to be present and support the dear people in hardships and natural accidents, the army was in the front line and came to extend a helping hand to the people at the right time, and proved that it is not just an army and a military force, but proved in the true sense of the word the slogan ‘the army is a redemption for the people’ and became, with all its existence, in the service of the noble and steadfast people.”

Major General Mousavi went on to say that the Iranian army is the only one in the world sticking to moral values.

Mousavi also praised the military prowess of the forces under his command.

“The strengthening of the army's military capabilities, the modernization of fighting methods that are compatible with modern wars, and its readiness to confront any threat, have transformed the army and the capable armed forces group into a strong supporter of the Islamic Republic and made the country a port of stability in the region.”

The Army chief noted, “Let the crazy and arrogant devil know that the strategic depth of the enemy is within the reach of the equipment and the upper hand of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and that any step against Iran will cost them a heavy price.”

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