A review of the book “A Sign of an Anonymous Hero”

Stories about a humble hero

May 15, 2022 - 19:19

"A Sign of an Anonymous Hero," by Gholam Hussain Baghani, tells the story of Muhammad Ghahreman, a martyred commander who has never sought fame and who teaches us all the value of self-sacrifice. 

In recent years writing and publishing the memoirs of the soldiers who served during the eight years of the holy defense has become very popular. Various cultural centers and individuals are involved in collecting and writing these memoirs, some of whom were themselves soldiers, during the Holy Defense era. Gholam Hussein Baghani is one of these people who tried to record and write down his and his fellows' memories of the life and bravery of one of the warriors of that time, Muhammad Ghahremani. 

Both the author of the book and the main character used to live in the same city, Khusf, in South Khorasan Province. They spent their childhood and adolescence together, and they have many memories from that time until they went to war. 

In the introduction to this work, the author describes how he met Muhammad and the inspiration for writing the book. According to the author's introduction, Muhammad was a popular person who had a large number of friends and was very kind and charming, and when Baghani told his friends about his plan to write Ghahreman's story, they enthusiastically agreed. So, This book is a collection of these people's memories of Mohammad Ghahremani, from their childhood and school days until the Islamic Revolution, the war, and Muhammad's martyrdom.

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