An interview with Seyed Jafar Hussaini Vadiq

With tears in my eyes, I wrote "The guests of Umm ar-Rasas"

May 24, 2022 - 18:21

“I felt the martyrs' assistance while writing the book, and I wrote many chapters with tears in my eyes,” stated the author of the book. 

According to Seyed Jafar Hussaini Vadiq, the book includes his personal memories of the veteran divers of the 31s t Ashura Operation, and after the funerals of the martyrs of the Karbala 4 and 5 Operations, he decided to write his own memoirs and publish them as a book.

“The book is written in a narrative style, and I used the memoirs of about 60 of my comrades to accurately and completely describe the events, also, the book's final chapter features photographs of martyred friends,” he said. 

He stated that he felt compelled to write about the events of these operations due to a variety of factors, including his participation in Operations Karbala 4 and 5 and witnessing the martyrdom of many of his friends, as well as the discovery of the bodies of the diver's martyrs, but that life challenges prevented him from doing so. However, following a serious accident in June 2015 that required him to spend two months in the hospital and another six months at home, he finally found the time.

“Soldiers who took part in Operations Karbala 4 and 5 were generally from the provinces of East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Qazvin, and Khuzestan. They had been in training for a long time and had completed 13-hour extremely difficult exercises. Many of them were capable of traveling 12 kilometers underwater while carrying military equipment. However, their operation was eventually discovered, resulting in their capture or burial alive in the ground by the enemy,” he said. 

In the end, he stated that the book "The guests of Umm ar-Rasas" was written to tell a part of his memories as well as the goals of the martyrs and their self-sacrifice who bravely defended their homeland.

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