An interview with Mohsen Kazemi

An image of the past for the future in “Ezzat Shahi’s Memories”

June 21, 2022 - 18:42

"In this book, I transport the reader to a time forty years ago and present a vision of the past for the future," says the author.

Mohsen Kazemi said that, unlike other books, this one features a conversation between the memoir's compiler and the narrator. Also, the researcher has attempted to examine and compile the narrator's statements about happenings using documents in this book.

He noted that while reading a diary or a story can be enjoyable at times, this documentary is a model and source for collecting and compiling memoirs today.

“Ezatullah Motahari is a remnant from a generation of martyrs who fought, went to prison, and brought bittersweet memories with them,” he said.

According to the author, he intends to do a brilliant job of illustrating characters and events for the audience. As a result, he has used documents and the press to try to make the characters as clear as possible.

“This book is a collection of memoirs by Ezzat Shahi, a revolutionary warrior who managed to avoid torture and imprisonment during the conflict with the Shah's regime and lead the Islamic Revolution to victory. The story of the two decades of resistance to the Shah's regime, as well as the history of political currents and armed militant groups, is told,” he added. 

This book has been published by Soore Mehr publication and is available now. 

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