A review of the book “The Christ’s Smile”

August 3, 2022 - 18:46

Sara Erfani, who was born in Tehran in 1982 and holds a theology degree with a focus on Islamic philosophy, is the author of the book "The Christ's Smile" published by Soore Mehr.

In this book, she takes a well-known topic and examines it from a different angle.

The protagonist of this book, a young woman named Negar, leads a busy and typical life. She meets Nicholas in the middle of the story. Through a specialist article she read in a foreign magazine, Negar learns about him as the author of the article and discovers that he is a Christian. Negar is a Muslim girl who lives in an Islamic nation; therefore, Nicholas confides in her about the recent thoughts that have been on his mind. Although Negar isn't a religious person and does not provide accurate answers, the questions still get her thinking and prompt her to seek assistance.

The author has attempted to express his primary motivation for writing this novel in the substance of the emails that Nicholas and Negar exchange during the course of the story. Fewer emails are sent out and have shorter content at the beginning of the story. However, the emails lengthen as the story draws to a close. As the story's end approaches, it feels like the reader is receiving all of Nicholas's questions, feelings, and changes at once.

Sara Erfani was able to engage the audience in her novel by employing tricks and simple language. The author was able to make the reader think as a Muslim by including lines that depict particular Christian worries, which is valuable and admirable.

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