An interview with Zahra Aghazadeh Nejad

“People around Here”

January 6, 2023 - 18:8

The book “People around Here” written by Zahra Aghazadeh Nejad, is about days of Arbaeen, which according to the author are days that work like magnets. 

At the beginning, Zahra Aghazadeh explained how she was proposed to write this book, explaining that she was working as a researcher for the Martyr Kazemi Publishing House, and that management suggested she conduct a detailed interview with the staff and board of directors of Imam Hossein's zarih. 

“We were researching how the zarih of Imam Hossein was being built and the process of doing this work, when we found out that the board of trustees for the construction of the Imam Hossein’s zarih, organizes a mukab every year under the title of "Hazrat Masoumeh, the people of Qom", which is managed based on people's expenses completely,” Aghazadeh said.

“The process of building Imam Hossein's zarih was being researched when we discovered that the board of trustees, which is responsible for the construction of the zarih, organizes a mukab every year under the title "Hazrat Masoumeh, the people of Qom", which is entirely funded by people's expenses,” she added. 

She continued by saying that while the investigation was underway, the muwkab's servants were moving toward Karbala. The author explained that she accompanied them on this route at the suggestion of the board of trustees' cultural management to obtain a report on the women of the mukab; as they believed that attention had been ignored in Arbaeen discussions of the women of the mukab.

According to the author, the Arbaeen march was a means by which to improve relations between these two countries after the Iran-Iraq war. Our people share many cultural affinities with those of Iraq, and they have a number of differences and attitudes, which she mentioned in this book, saying that we need to teach our people many things throughout the year in addition to Arbaeen.

Zahra Aghazade stated that each year, the days of Arbaeen act as a magnet and bring people together at a holy place in Karbala and in Imam Hussain's shrine to serve as a reminder of the importance of human life. Connecting people does not require any strange effort on our part; we just need to keep this connection and kinship close by using this strong possibility and potential which is Imam Hossein.

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