An interview with Sajedeh Taghizadeh

A romantic story of the life of a martyr's wife in “Mrs. Moon”

January 13, 2023 - 18:57

The book “Mrs. Moon” is about Mrs. Naaz Alinejad, who is martyr Shir Ali Soltani’s wife.

It is an attractive novel and a different story about the love and sacrifice of one of the wives of martyrs and women heroes of the Iranian nation, which has been written by Sajedeh Taghizadeh.  

In the beginning, she explained how she chose the narrative of this woman's life and said: The life of this lady was fascinating to me, as a writer, I usually choose subjects with which I can empathize more, that's why I chose the life of Naz Alinejad.

“Despite her young age, Mrs. Alinejad faced many challenges in her life. At the age of 27, despite having 5 children, she lost her husband in the Beit-ol moqaddas operation. After her husband’s martyrdom, she had to handle life all on her own, especially since he had bequeathed her not to receive help from any institution after his martyrdom,” she added. 

Pointing out that it took about 5 years to conduct the interview, write the book, and editing, this author said: “I tried to adhere to the interview and not add imagination to it while writing the book.”

“The story of this lady's life can inspire the girls and young women of our society. It’s amazing how a woman makes progress in a rural environment, in the absence of her husband despite numerous financial, social and other problems,” said Sajedeh Taghizadeh. 

She emphasized that our society needs role models in every field. According to his author, successful women in various social, cultural, scientific fields should be introduced as role models so that girls and teenagers can be inspired by their lives.

Referring to the various interpretations of the slogan "Women, Life, Freedom", she said that if the youth in our society get involved in the sedition of the enemies, it is because we failed to introduce good role models of women to them.

She continued that "Mrs. Moon" narrates the life of Mrs. Naz Alinejad in 3 chapters in the form of short and continuous stories.

A small part of this 300-page book is dedicated to the time of her husband's presence and narrates a romantic, simple, carefree life, but the main part of the book is the narration of her life after her husband's martyrdom and how she handled life alone.

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