Iran detains financial debtor while trying to flee the country

January 25, 2023 - 23:14

TEHRAN- Iranian security forces have arrested a person in the south of the country while was fleeing from the sea borders.

Over the past weeks, the anti-revolutionary media outlets claimed that Hassan Firouzi underwent tortures and fell in coma as a result.

They also allegedly said that he is on the verge of execution.

The anti-Iran media outlets published footage and audio files allegedly attributed to him to prove their spurious allegations.  

Various strange stories were raised about him, including being tortured and falling into coma or being on the verge of execution! 

However, after careful investigations, the Judiciary announced in a notice that he is neither convicted for any charges leveled against him nor has any indictment. Consequently, he is not under arrest or serving a sentence in any of Iran's prisons.

During the interrogation, he said that his intention was to take advantage of the story concocted by the foreign-backed media outlets to camouflage from his own financial crimes. 

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