Rainfall still 10% below normal level

February 18, 2023 - 17:7

TEHRAN - Despite the significant rains that occurred in the country during the first two months of winter, the country's average rainfall is still 10 percent less than normal.

During the last few weeks, with the arrival of numerous rain systems in the country, heavy snowfall and rain occurred, which caused the issuance of meteorological warnings in some provinces about the possibility of floods, snowstorms, and the possibility of avalanches.

However, this autumn's rainfall in the country was 40 percent less than normal, and the abnormal rainfall in the first two months of winter made up for about 60 percent of the deficit, ISNA reported.

The average rainfall of the country since the beginning of the current water year, September 23, 2022, has been around 110 mm, of which 74 mm has been received from the beginning of winter.

However, currently, the average rainfall in the whole country is about 10 percent less than normal and the balance is negative in 25 provinces of the country’s 31 provinces.

Over the previous water year which began on September 23, 2021, the rainfall decreased by about 24 percent compared to the long-term average, which marked another year of low rainfall for Iran.

As the newly extracted statistics show, a total of 180.4 mm of rain has poured in the country over the past water year, which shows a decline of 23.9 mm compared to the long-term average of 237.1 mm.

The last water year marked the year of low rainfall for the country, causing the continuation of dry years.

The summer season shows an increase of 19.7 mm in rainfall, which is accompanied by a growth of 71.3 mm compared to the long-term period when the amount of rainfall was 11.5 mm.


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