An interview with Fateme Elyasi

The Third Tunnel

February 21, 2023 - 18:24

The book “The Third Tunnel” written by Fateme Elyasi, is a teenage novel with the theme of character maturity and full of anecdotes, and the author tries to deal with the distortion of Pahlavi's history and show how this regime tried to discredit the fighting forces of the revolution.

* How did you come up with the subject of this book?

I live in Hamadan and my subject, the main character of the story (Vahid) is a real person who is originally from Kermanshah, and since the protagonist was a professor at my university, he shared many of his memories, which were very interesting to me. For this reason, I decided to interview him and use his memories to publish a book. 

* What was your main concern for writing the book?

I believe that there are many differences and distances between the young generation and the generation that created the Islamic revolution, and this gap that has arisen between the generations can be annoying; Sometimes it may also affect a person's individual life, for example, our teenagers and young people may constantly ask the question, why did they make the revolution? In my opinion, this generation gap should be removed. I imagined that if our teenagers and young people knew why people decided to revolution at that time, maybe I would help them a little. 

* To what extent did you answer these questions in the book?

The work I wrote is a story and I tried to answer these questions in the form of the adventures that occur, with the obstacles and reactions of the characters, and teenagers will find the answers to their questions after reading the book.

* Did you have any other documents in your possession for the correct narration of those years?

I had a lot of studies and probably spent more than two-thirds of the time writing the book on research, I had a lot of oral sources with whom I did different interviews about those years. There were many written documents and many books that you can refer to find out what happened in those years.

* How long did it take to research and write the book?

The research work took approximately two and a half years.


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