Two Historical Monuments in Gonabad Registered as National Monuments

July 31, 2001 - 0:0
GONABAD, Khorasan Province The Head of Gonabad branch of Iran's Cultural Heritage Organization (ICHO) Alireza Shenasaei said here Saturday two historical monuments in the city of Gonabad have been registered as national monuments.

Shenasaei told IRNA reporter that the registered monuments include Gonabad Hosseinieh and the uptown Bala-Shahr Mosque.

He said that Gonabad Hosseinieh (a religious corner where people gather to pray) dates back to the late Qajar era, and is characterized by its architecture in two stories, comprised of a room-like corner made of brick, mortar and plaster.

He added, "The monument covering an area of 850 square meters is comprised of 12 rooms, one corridor, and a big yard."

Shenasaei said that Gonabad's Hosseinieh has once been restored jointly by local people and Gonabad's endowments bureau.

He added that however some sections of the building are being destroyed and some credit is needed to restore it.

Shenasaei said that Bala-Shahr Mosque which is comprised of a veranda, a yard, and a columned section for nocturnal prayers is also made of brick, mortar, and plaster.

He added that this monument dates back to Qajar era and has so far been restored by people several times.

He noted that the monument is the prayer site of Gonabad's religious inhabitants, and has had a significant role in the promotion of the auspicious religion of Islam.