Compared to Other Countries, Our Antibiotic Drug Consumption High

September 9, 2002 - 0:0
TEHRAN= Antibiotic drugs consumption rate is higher in our country than in the other countries of the world This is while owing to the various effects they have on our health, we should consult a physician before we take the antibiotic drugs.

Dr. Masoud, an immunology expert in an interview with Radio Tehran reporter on the dangers of antibiotic drugs added: "Following our medical culture we expect to be fully cured by the physician's first visit.

He remarked: "Patients usually use antibiotics to cure their bacterial infectious diseases, illnesses, while these drugs have different effects on the two big groups of plus and minus bacterial great gram, the effectiveness of which should be asked from an expert..

Consumption of antibiotics does not have any effect in viral diseases treatment. That is why physicians prescribe these drugs to prevent the secondary infections.

He concluded: :Antibiotics are used to treat many animals, the flesh and dairy of which can increase the resistance of the human body against antibiotic drugs.