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  • Exchange-traded fund (ETF) 2020/05/09

    By Mahnaz Abdi

    ETFs to speed up privatization, support ordinary investors

    On May 2, the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE), which is the main stock exchange of Iran, listed the first exchange-traded fund (ETF) from a series of three ETFs, through them shares of some state-owned organizations and companies are planned to be offered.

  • A view of the adobe Bam Citadel before the 2003 earthquake 2020-05-08 20:04

    By Afshin Majlesi

    Iran, quakes, and tourism

    Early on Friday, an earthquake of magnitude 5.1 struck Damavand county, 56km northeast of the capital Tehran, killing two and injuring 33. It made an excuse for writing a note about the impact of natural disasters, specifically earthquakes, on tourism and cultural heritage.

  • Politicizing Covid-19 2020-05-08 12:26

    By Salman Parviz

    Politicizing Covid-19

    Trump’s reactions as U.S. president and medic-in-chief

    Before the Covid-19 pandemic I dreaded at my certainty that U.S. President Donald Trump stands a good chance for re-election in November. However, Trump’s behavior and reactions have given me some hope. Can Trump administration’s poor response to the pandemic cost him the elections in November? 

  • Corona task force 2020-05-06 23:13

    By M.A. Saki

    White House discussing phasing out coronavirus task force. Here is the motive behind it. 

    The White House is mulling over the winding down of its coronavirus task force, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence announced on Tuesday, even as the country is exceeding the grim death milestone of 70,000. 

  • Iranian women wear protective masks to prevent contracting a coronavirus, as they walk at Grand Bazaar in Tehran, Iran February 20, 2020. (Photo credit: Reuters) 2020-05-05 18:59

    By Afshin Majlesi

    Normal life not a distant dream as Tehran sees drop in new corona cases

    The average death toll from COVID-19 pandemic in Iran has been on the decline, and also in the capital Tehran, over the past couple of weeks, thanks to a temporary lockdown introduced earlier in March.

  • Coronavirus brought healthcare reforms into sharp focus 2020-05-05 00:16

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Coronavirus brought healthcare reforms into sharp focus

    TEHRAN – The coronavirus outbreak proved that one-dimensional health systems cannot survive from health-threatening crises, which occur every few years in the form of infectious diseases, a mere view of treatment is not enough, so that the need for healthcare reforms should be brought into sharp focus.

  • Mohammad Shojaeian Zanjani 2020-05-04 16:35

    By Mohammad Shojaeian Zanjani

    Following the guidelines of martyr Beheshti

    “The Tehran Times is not the newspaper of the government, but the loud voice of the Islamic Revolution and the supporter of the oppressed people in the world,” martyr Ayatollah Seyed Mohammad Beheshti has underscored. 

  • Persian Gulf 2020-04-29 10:51

    By Mehdi Garshasbi

    Persian Gulf, the eternal heritage of ancient Iran

    TEHRAN-  Tenth of the second Iranian calendar month Ordibehesht (April 29) marks the National Persian Gulf Day, which is the anniversary of the victory over Portuguese troops during a war in the Persian Gulf in 1622.

  • crude oil prices 2020-04-29 10:33

    By Salman Parviz

    Oil producers dig into savings amid fiscal deficits

    Crude demand stymied by lockdowns due to Covid-19 outbreak

    TEHRAN- Today many of the world’s major cities remain under lockdowns while their respective government is implementing work-from-home schemes. This has dramatically reduced the number of cars on the streets and cut the demand from the transportation sector. With WTI hovering around $10 and Brent on $20 a barrel, oil-producing nations are feeling the pinch. 

  • lebanon 2020-04-29 10:19

    By Mohammad Jafari

    Nationwide protests in late 2019, COVID-19-based lockdown, what is the next in Lebanon?

    The Lebanese citizens, who poured into the streets in late 2019 calling for structural economic change, have faced the novel coronavirus outbreak and the following lockdown which has emptied the Lebanese people's pockets more than ever but meantime have made them more determined to seek the best way possible to root out the economic and political instability from their country via basic reforms.  

  • Building resilient cities, a post-coronavirus necessity 2020/04/27

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Building resilient cities, a post-coronavirus necessity

    TEHRAN – When a global disaster spreads out in the form of coronavirus pandemic, how communities will survive the aftermath crosses everyone’s mind, However, how can one particular intervention succeed in strengthening a city against epidemics and disasters?

  • Iran taking final step toward malaria elimination 2020-04-26 16:53

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Iran taking final step toward malaria elimination

    TEHRAN – Iran has not had any indigenous cases of malaria for two years in a row, and if the country’s passes this year with no indigenous cases, the World Health Organization will grant it a certificate of malaria eradication, Ahmad Raeisi, head of the Malaria control department of the Ministry of Health, has stated.

  • A man takes photos of the historical Agha Bozorg Mosque in Kashan, central Iran. 2020-04-22 19:42

    By Afshin Majlesi

    How is COVID-19 affecting travel in Iran? Experts explain

    TEHRAN – As you are well aware, nearly all travel businesses have been disrupted worldwide in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

  • Why corona lockdown did not bring Tehran cleaner air? 2020-04-22 19:41

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Why corona lockdown did not bring Tehran cleaner air?

    TEHRAN – Many cities around the world have enjoyed cleaner air since restrictive measures were applied due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, Tehran, being hit by nitrogen oxides (NOX) pollutants, has experienced less clean air days.

  • Earth Day 2020: nature is a beneficiary of coronavirus 2020-04-21 16:58

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Earth Day 2020: nature is a beneficiary of coronavirus

    TEHRAN – Human beings have put too much pressure on the Earth causing irreparable damage, however, with the onset of coronavirus outbreak, the planet seemed to prosper and relive the burden which was unprecedented over the past 50 years when the first Earth Day celebrated.

  • SP 2020-04-21 16:00

    BY Ebrahim Fallahi

    Missing out on LNG market Iran needs to take action

    TEHRAN – Last week, Qatar Petroleum announced the start of drilling operations for the development of its North Field (known in Iran as South Pars) gas field, in which the company plans to drill 80 new wells to increase the country’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) production capacity by 43 percent to reach 110 million tons per annum (Mtpa).

  • Coronavirus crisis: a time for lasting togetherness 2020-04-18 19:02

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Coronavirus crisis: a time for lasting togetherness

    TEHRAN – In the wake of coronavirus, many people have faced difficulty earning income or finding self-protective products due to lock-down measures, but benefactors stood up and volunteering opportunities cropped up, which highly reflects that togetherness never ends.

  • Bats have adapted to live with some deadly pathogens. 2020-04-15 22:32

    By Salman Parviz

    Theories on origins of COVID-19 disease

    WHO figure for April 13: 213 countries, 1,878,489 cases, 119,044 deaths

    There are many theories about the exact origins of the novel coronavirus, designated “nCoV-2019” by World Health Organization or commonly referred to as COVID-19 disease, also called SARS-CoV-2 because it is related to SARS pathogen. Theories about the missing link for transmission of the new coronavirus from bats to humans abound.

  • A traffic police officer wears a protective face mask and gloves, amid fear of coronavirus disease, as he walks in Tehran, March 26, 2020.  (Credit: REUTERS - WANA NEWS AGENCY) 2020-04-14 19:34

    By Afshin Majlesi

    Ubiquitous coronavirus: Do travel blockades work?

  • Iran climate: wet spell or still short of rain? 2020-04-14 19:06

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Iran climate: wet spell or still short of rain?

    TEHRAN – While some experts claim that Iran has entered a period of the wet spell after experiencing dry spells over the past few decades, some others highly reject the claim implying that the country faced a lack of rain by 50mm over the past 5 decades.

  • Knowledge-based companies pushing for ‘surge in production’ 2020/04/13

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Knowledge-based companies pushing for ‘surge in production’

    TEHRAN – Iran has developed plans to support and empower knowledge-based companies as a step forward to materialize the goal of a surge in production, as the economy is grappling with the coronavirus predicament.

  • Football fan 2020-04-12 20:20

    By Masoud Hossein

    Iran football: us against us

    TEHRAN – Imagine you have just four lives in a video game and entering into the next stage depends on how you keep your lives. That’s all. The only thing you need is to stay focused. However, it doesn’t work in Iran football.

  • دیدار تیم های فوتبال سپاهان اصفهان و شاهین شهرداری بوشهر 2020-04-12 18:13

    By Farrokh Hesabi

    Can the Iranian clubs ask players to take pay cut?

    TEHRAN - The Iranian clubs face a crisis regarding the payment of the players' salaries, and the coronavirus pandemic has worsened the situation.

  • Privatization 2020/04/11

    By Mahnaz Abdi

    Privatization to materialize ‘Surge in Production’

    TEHRAN- The current Iranian calendar year (began on March 20) is named the year of “Surge in Production” by the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

  • dedicated medics on frontline fighting the invisible enemy 2020-04-07 18:48

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    World Health Day: dedicated medics on frontline fighting the invisible enemy

    TEHRAN – This time, medical professionals have gone far to help patients afflicted by the coronavirus, so the least we can do is supporting them and paying tribute to those putting themselves at risk battling against a dangerous enemy which is not even visible.

  • Asiatic cheetahs’ return to birthplace 2020-04-07 17:54

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Asiatic cheetahs’ return to birthplace: semi-captive living or reaching end of life?

    TEHRAN – The Department of Environment (DOE) is transferring three Asiatic cheetahs kept in Tehran’s Pardisan Park to Semnan province where they have been born to live the rest of their life in semi-captive conditions because they are no longer able to reproduce.

  • Foreign travelers pose for a photo in front of the UNESCO-registered Tchogha Zanbil, a ruined Elamiate-era ziggurat in southwest Iran. 2020-04-06 23:45

    By Afshin Majlesi

    Susa, a top destination for history buffs

    Apart from what our goals for traveling could be, it lets us experience diverse wonders, cultures, history, foods and beauties from around the world. There’s history everywhere, but history buffs doe love specific destinations.

  • COVID-19 crisis: washing hands for 20 seconds, not wasting water for 20 seconds 2020-04-05 17:08

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    COVID-19 crisis: washing hands for 20 seconds, not wasting water for 20 seconds

    TEHRAN – These days, it is strictly recommended to wash our hands for 20 seconds as a great step to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but unfortunately many leave the tap running at the same time. This issue poses the greatest threat to the environment.

  • Nature Day manifests national empathy against coronavirus 2020-04-03 22:15

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Nature Day manifests national empathy against coronavirus

    TEHRAN – Nature Day was another manifestation of empathy of the Iranian nation in fight against the coronavirus, as people stayed home, despite their thousand-year-old tradition.

  •  File photo shows an Iranian boy buying a flower vase, ahead of the Iranian New Year, Noruz. 2020-04-03 22:09

    By Afshin Majlesi

    Age-old Noruz traditions altered by coronavirus in Iran

    Iranians experienced totally-changed traditions during this Noruz (the two-week New Year holidays started March 20) in the face of the novel coronavirus pandemic that has crippled the tourism and hospitality industries worldwide.