Ali Sadr Cave


  • Iranian cave an art studio for prehistorical humans, archaeologist says 2022-06-24 17:49

    Iranian cave an art studio for prehistorical humans, archaeologist says

    TEHRAN – Iranian spelunkers and archaeologists have discovered several modest artworks within the dark chambers of Ali Sadr, a gigantic water-filled cavern widely believed to date from the Jurassic era.

  • Visits to Ali Sader cave reach record high 2022-06-05 22:01

    Visits to Ali Sadr cave reach record high

    TEHRAN – Visits to Ali Sadr reached a record high on June 3 when 9,000 sightseers toured the gigantic water-filled cavern wieldy believed to date from the Jurassic era.

  • Ancient cave 2022-04-10 18:23

    Ancient cave discovered in northern Iran

    TEHRAN – A team of Iranian archaeologists has recently discovered an ancient cave in Rudbar, northern Gilan province, the provincial tourism chief has said. 

  • Ali Sadr Cave 2022-03-16 15:37

    Ali Sadr Cave open to public during Noruz

    TEHRAN – Ali Sadr water cave in the west-central province of Hamedan will be open during Noruz (Iranian new year holidays, starting March 21) after almost two years of closure due to coronavirus.

  • Discover Sahoolan:  a huge matrix of sunless ponds and grottoes 2022-01-23 21:28

    Discover Sahoolan:  a huge matrix of sunless ponds and grottoes

    TEHRAN – Sahoolan cave embraces a huge matrix of sunless ponds and grottoes with many natural stones on the walls that are shaped like different objects such as dolphins or lions. The outside is also very beautiful and green best to take a walk in nature.

  • Hamedan where nature meets culture 2022-01-14 17:12

    Hamedan where nature meets culture

    TEHRAN - Hamedan never falls short of offering exciting ideas to its visitors. Astonishing archaeological sites, scenic nature, tranquil gardens, vaulted domed bazaars, and more importantly its hospitable people are amongst the highlights of the Iranian city.

  • Ali Sadr Cave 2021-07-09 17:49

    Experience beauty and excitement of cave tourism in Iran

    TEHRAN – It may seem that cave tourism is a new branch in the tourism industry, but it’s actually older and more traditional than popular contemporary varieties.

  • Ali Sadr Cave 2021-06-23 18:39

    Ali Sadr Cave reopens to visitors as coronavirus curbs eased

    TEHRAN – Iran’s Ali Sadr water cave opened its doors to visitors on Tuesday after seven months of closure due to coronavirus. 

  • Long-neglected cave to be equipped for tourism in northeast Iran 2021-06-18 21:00

    Long-neglected cave to be equipped for tourism in northeast Iran

    TEHRAN – Long neglected Mazdavand Cave in Khorasan Razavi province, which can grow even more prosperous than the renowned Ali Sadr Cave, will be equipped for tourism to serve sustainable development in terms of local economy and employment, a provincial official has said.

  • Ali Sadr Cave 2020-09-23 22:30

    Over 170 MOUs signed to develop Ali Sadr Cave tourism

    TEHRAN – Some 174 memorandums of understanding (MOUs) have been inked since the beginning of the current Iranian year 1399 (started on March 20) to develop tourism and increase visitors to Ali Sadr Cave.

  • historical caves 2020-07-31 20:00

    Four historical caves identified in northeast Iran

    TEHRAN – Four historical caves have recently been discovered in Torbat-e Heydarieh, northeast of the country, CHTN reported.

  • Alisadr 2020-04-20 22:00

    Coronavirus causes $1.5m loss to Iran’s top tourism site

    TEHRAN – Iran’s Alisadr water cave, a top destination for domestic and foreign sightseers, researches, history buffs, and day-trippers, has taken 70 billion rials (about $1.5 million) hit from the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) over the last two months. 

  • Alisadr Cave 2020-04-19 21:20

    Saint Léonard Lake akin to Iran’s Alisadr Cave: Swiss embassy tweets

    TEHRAN – The Embassy of Switzerland in Iran in its official Twitter account has compared Saint Léonard underground lake in the European country with Iran’s Alisadr water cave. 

  • A view of Katale-Khor cave in western Iran 2019-09-15 18:19

    Visit mysterious Katale-Khor in western Iran

    TEHRAN – Iran has many caves, some of which are unique and special. Situated in Zanjan province, Katale-Khor cave offers its visitors breathtaking scenes of natural crystals and rock formation.

  •  A view of Imam Khomeini Sq. in Hamedan, west central Iran. 2019-06-02 19:29

    Six places to visit in Hamedan

    TEHRAN – The west central Iranian city of Hamedan, never falls short of offering cultural heritage sites to its visitors. Scenic natural landscapes, traditional restaurants, public gardens and colorful outdoor markets and more importantly, its hospitable people make for an unexpected slice of the city.