SP phase 19


  • SP 2021-11-21 13:31

    South Pars condensate loading capacity rises

    TEHRAN – Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC) has put a new single point mooring (SPM) into operation at phase 19 of South Pars gas field to increase the condensate loading capacity of the giant field, an official with the company announced.

  • SP 2020-05-19 14:28

    SP phase 19 refinery to go through annual overhaul

    TEHRAN – The operator of phase 19 of Iran’s South Pars gas field said overhaul operations for the field’s 10th refinery, which processes the gas from phase 19, are going to be started on June 9, IRNA reported.

  • SPM 2020-04-25 13:39

    New SPM to be installed to load condensate from SP phase 19

    TEHRAN – Deputy Operator of South Pars phase 19 development project says a single point mooring (SPM) has been shipped to be anchored near the phase for loading its gas condensate to vessels.