• hospitals 2019-07-22 17:57

    70,000 foreign patients admitted to Iranian hospitals last year

    TEHRAN- Iranian hospitals admitted 70,000 foreign patients over the last [Iranian calendar] year (March 2018 – March 2019), said the head of medical tourism department at the Ministry of Health. 

  • network hospitals 2019-06-24 12:14

    Plans underway for turning hospitals into bigger networks

    TEHRAN- The health ministry has devised a new scheme for turning hospitals into bigger networks, announced the ministry’s director of hospitals management and clinical services development department, adding that details will be finalized by the end of the current [Iranian calendar] month (July 22). 

  • hospitals 2019-06-10 19:43

    40 new hospitals to open by March 2020

    TEHRAN- 40 new hospitals will be inaugurated over the current Iranian year (March 2019-March 2020), said an official with the Health Ministry. 

  • nurses 2019-05-13 20:09

    Nursing shortage alarming at 125,000 

    TEHRAN- Iran is now facing with a shortage of 125,000 nurses, estimated based on the plans to increase hospital beds by 2021, said Asghar Dalvandi, the director of Nursing Organization.