iwan portico


  •  A view of the 12th-century Jameh Mosque of Yazd (Masjid-e-Jameh Yazd) in central Iran. 2020-01-03 18:14

    Porticos, arches, domes and gardens, key elements of Persian architecture

    TEHRAN – Iran has inherited numerous architectural traditions over the course of history. The Elamite, Achaemenian, Hellenistic, and other pre-Islamic and Islamic-era dynasties have left striking stone testaments to their greatness, such as Chogha Zanbil and Persepolis—both of which were designated UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1979.

  • Jameh Mosque of Qazvin 2019-06-25 21:56

    New restoration project starts on Jameh Mosque of Qazvin

    TEHRAN - Jameh Mosque of Qazvin, which is one of the oldest Islamic structures in Iran, has went under a new round of restoration, a local tourism official said on Monday.