Constructive defense cooperation will help bring lasting peace: Iran

September 27, 2011 - 16:52
altTEHRAN – At a meeting with foreign military attaches based in Tehran on Tuesday, Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said lasting peace, stability, and security could be established through enhancing constructive defense cooperation among the world’s countries. 

Vahidi also highlighted the role of military attaches in the expansion of defense cooperation among countries. 

Military attaches are obligated to try to foster understanding among countries, reduce security threats, and resolve conflicts in order to help bring about a safer world, he stated.  

On the Islamic Republic’s defense policy, the minister said Iran is seeking to help improve international security through promoting effective defense cooperation among the world’s countries.  

The top military official went on to say that the Islamic Republic’s defense doctrine is based on the promotion of peace, security, stability, and unity.

Iran has always tried to prevent breakout of wars and armed clashes in the world, the minister insisted.