Kashan tourist arrivals rise 62% y/y

June 20, 2017 - 9:42

TEHRAN - The number of foreign tourists visiting the central city of Kashan rose 62 percent to 16,300 during April 4 to June 5 in comparison to the same period last year, IRNA reported on Saturday.

Throughout the same period, 10,314 foreign travelers visited the city with French travelers accounting for 6,000, Alireza Abdollahzadeh, a data analyst at the Statistical Center of Iran, said in a press conference on June 17. 

Many travelers opt to bypass Kashan on their journeys between Tehran, Isfahan and Yazd, but this delightful oasis city on the edge of the Dasht-e Kavir is one of Iran’s most alluring destinations.

The city not only boasts a cluster of architectural wonders, an atmospheric covered bazaar and a UNESCO recognized garden, but it also offers some of central Iran’s best traditional hotels.

During the Seljuk period (1051–1220) Kashan became famous for its textiles, pottery and tiles, reaching high levels of accomplishment in each of these cottage industries. Today it is more widely known as a major center for the production of rose water, which is sold at outlets around the main tourist attractions and at dedicated stores in the bazaar.

PHOTO: Foreign traverses are seen during their visit to the Tabātabāei House, 19th-century tourist destination in Kashan, Iran.


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