State-run organizations to report on measures for citizenship rights

January 3, 2018

TEHRAN – Annual reports of state-run organizations on measures taken for adoption of citizenship rights will soon be published, IRNA quoted the presidential aide for civil rights affairs Shahindokht Molaverdi as saying on Tuesday.

“Lawyers, responsible organizations and government bodies can play a key role in familiarizing the public with their citizenship rights,” she highlighted. 

President Hassan Rouhani signed and declared the Citizen Rights Charter in December 2016, saying upholding citizens’ rights is a policy of his administration.

Comprising 120 articles, the Civil Rights Charter insists on the right to a decent life such as right to clean environment, health services, clean water, freedom of speech, access to information, holding rallies, and, etc.

While many citizenship rights are already included in Iran’s constitutional law a great deal of citizens might not be very familiar with the concept of the newly drawn up charter. However, the adoption of the charter is a preliminary step in honoring the citizens’ rights in the future. 


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