Colorful Iran:

Jel-Jalani firework ritual

January 18, 2018 - 9:49

Villagers in Tameh village, near Natanz city in central Iran, performed a firework ritual called Jel-Jalani on January 7, 8 and 9.

In these dates, all the villagers gathered on a rise, which dominates the houses and gardens at the village and fire bushes and thorns they have collected, cultural heritage expert Davud Arab Ameri said in an interview with the Tehran Times.

The region is known for pear trees and the locals believe that when the light of fire reaches trees, it would brought bumper harvest for them and eradicate pests, he said.

It is also believed that the light of fire make the skin of pears brownish red blush, he added.

Some put a piece of stone in the trunk of the tree during the ritual as well.

“After the fire extinguished, children form three member groups go door to door reciting folklore songs calling the householder to bring them nuts and fruits.

If there is a child in the house they ask his or her name to bring them the edibles and if the householder has no child, they recite Surah Ash-Shams praying for them to have a baby in future.

Late in the night, all villagers gathered in a public place like mosque and they share all nuts and fruits,” he explained.

The freezing cold reaches the region in early January and this is the reason that they perform the ritual in this dates, he said.

Located between Kashan and Isfahan, Tameh village is well-known for some beautiful waterfalls. Located on the slopes of Karkas Mountain, the village enjoys fair weather.

Various tribes and ethnic groups who live in different parts of Iran are just like colors, which make a great painting. Iran is home to about 20 ethnic groups who live in different regions of the country.


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