Iran’s defense minister says U.S. trying to transfer Daesh to Afghanistan

February 4, 2018 - 20:0

TEHRAN – Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami said on Sunday that the U.S. is seeking to transfer Daesh militants to Afghanistan to justify its own presence in the Central Asian country.

“After heavy defeat (of Daesh) in Syria and Iraq, the U.S. has been making efforts to transfer Daesh to Afghanistan to justify presence there,” Hatami told Afghan Defense Minister Tariq Shah Bahrami in a phone conversation.

Hatami also warned that the U.S. intends to increase the number of its forces in Afghanistan.

Iran’s defense chief suggested that establishing security in Afghanistan is only possible through a “positive approach” by the regional countries.

All the regional countries should use capacities to fight terrorism and help establish peace in Afghanistan, he added.

It is about 40 years that Afghanistan is caught in a conflict resulting from foreign invasion, war between rival factions, and terrorism. 

“Iran has always been concerned about foreigners’ plots against the Afghan people and has made any efforts to reduce the Afghans’ suffering during these years,” Hatami noted.

For his part, Bahrami said Iran, Afghanistan and other neighboring countries should not ignore terrorism as the “common enemy” and should cooperate in fighting it.

The Afghan defense minister went on to say that there are more than 20 terrorist groups in his country which will threaten the entire region if they are not countered with.

He also called for more cooperation between the Iranian and Afghan defense ministries.


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