Innovation center opens at University of Tehran

April 30, 2019 - 12:20

TEHRAN – The first phase of an innovation center was completed at the University of Tehran’s College of Engineering on Sunday, Mehr reported.

The 30 innovative products, which are available at the center, were also unveiled during the opening ceremony, which was attended by the vice president for science and technology Sourena Sattari.

The University of Tehran is considered as a pioneer academic center, however the innovation center provides a new outlook toward technology development, he said.

By establishing such centers, the universities will gradually turn into third and fourth generations in the near future, he added.

 ICT and biotechnology are on high agenda for knowledge-based companies, however, the engineering is third on the list, he added.

The universities can be funded through selling technologies and signing agreements with startups, he said.

“I believe that research results cannot turn into products by the state-run organizations, this is only possible by the investment of the private sector,” he said.

The government should invest in cutting-edge technology projects, he said.

During the event, director of the University of Tehran’s School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Majid Nili explained about the innovation center.

The center was built in two years to complete the educational complex with an innovation center, he said.

This is a necessity for transformation in the structure of the university, he added.

The professional courses on skill can develop the culture of innovation at the universities, he concluded.


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