Iran presents ‘From Silk Road to Innovation Network’ at China forum

May 28, 2019 - 12:53

TEHRAN – The Iran National Innovation Fund has introduced the idea of ‘From Silk Road to Innovation Network’ which was held on May 26 at China’s Pujiang Innovation Forum.

“Undoubtedly, technology and innovation cooperation, as an international platform, is one of the main economic cooperation,” said the chairman of the board of directors of the Iran National Innovation Fund, Ali Vahdat, during a speech at the forum.

The forum, which is held on the theme of 'Belt and Road', can facilitate economic cooperation, he said.

He called innovation and technology cooperation as the development key in national level and as a good ground for competition between organizations.

“Iran has a great capacity in the field of innovation ecosystem, which can be used for establishment of Silk Road,” he said.

Iran has over 4000 knowledge-based companies in different fields of nanotechnology, biotechnology and sciences, he said.

Vahdat talked about Iran’s support for hi-tech and research and development companies during past years.

During his speech, he proposed establishment of a network for technology solution exchange between Silk Road countries through which, the member countries can meet their demands of technological solutions.

A joint fund also can develop important technologies and reduce the technological development risks, he said.

Through the networks, the members can share their experiences about innovation cooperating as well as their different financial tools and in this way create a common knowledge, he said.

With innovation as the theme, by sticking to international vision and national demands, the forum is dedicated to establish a platform for exchange of innovative development, dissemination of advanced concepts, communication of academic ideas, interaction among government, industry, universities and institutions, publication of latest policies, and international cooperation in science and technology, to serve the innovation-driven development strategy and the construction of a innovation-oriented country.


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