Why Small Group Tours Are The Best Way To Visit Iran

August 31, 2019 - 14:33

You must have heard a lot about the mysterious country of Iran and its profound cultural and historical background. But is it better to travel to Iran in group tours or as individuals?

If you are reading this text you might possibly love traveling and having adventures and have probably traveled to a lot of places around the world and have several other destinations in your future traveling plan. Among all the destinations you can choose to travel to, Iran is a mysterious region with hospitable people and can be the best place for experiencing an enjoyable and lovely trip.

Iran, a less known country, is full of tourist attractions and 22 sights from among its countless sights have been registered in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sights so far.

Consequently, it is worth thinking about the most optimum way to travel to this country. Whether to travel individually as a solo traveler, to travel with family by family cars or traveling in tours with other people.

Although each of these ways of traveling has its own attractions as well as challenges, travelling in tours is one of the best ways we can suggest. Let’s have a look at the reasons why traveling in group tours is a better idea.

Reducing the stresses and strains

One cannot deny the reality that, in trips held individually, there are lots of things that need to be taken under consideration and must be arranged. We also have to take care of all the expected and unexpected incidents which can cause pre-trip stress as well as during-trip stress.

On the other hand, travelling along with Iran tours with a tour guide is quite different. Since all the trip events have been already managed everything happen according to the previously prepared schedule. Knowing about what is going to happen, you can decide on how to spend your time.

So taking a tour to Iran with Iran small group tours and having a right plan can vanish the stress and puzzlement of travelling to a place where you have never been before.

Moderating the trip costs

By travelling in tours, you can save up some money and manage your tour price.

All the costs of accommodation, food, sightseeing, transportation, driver and etc. can prorate when you take a tour and the price you pay for your tour will for sure decrease notably. Also, giving you some information about the places and how to buy souvenirs and handicrafts, tour guides can help you with the best choices for shopping.

Visiting Iran with new travelers

When you travel in a group tour, you have the chance to meet various people and experience visiting a new country with new people. You can share your impression with others and even make new friends. So, travelling in groups is a very good way of experiencing the unknown world.

Iranian tour guides and peace of mind

Travelling to Iran with all its attractions and exploration needs communicating with people. How can we contact the locals? Iran is a country with various people, languages and dialects.

Communicating with the locals and getting familiar with their customs and traditions is one of the experiences you can have in Iran. Tour guides and local guides are the people who can connect you to the local society. The presence of an experienced guide in tours is one of the advantages of travelling in tours.

An ensured trip to Iran

One of the pleasures of travelling is being sure about accommodation, transportation and food. If you travel individually, all these will rest on your shoulder and every day after having breakfast you need to worry about the next meal you are going to have.

The same thing happens when dealing with your accommodation, reserving a room, its safety, a vehicle and etc. In situations like this, you are all worried about the basic requirements of the trip and will not enjoy the magnificent sceneries of Iran.

However, when you take a tour all these are prepared for you by the tour operator and the safety of everything is guaranteed. In addition, the tour guide accompanies you to enjoy what has been prepared for you previously.

Photography challenges in Iran

It may seem ridiculous, but all of you have experienced and know that one of the mindsets of travelling is taking photos.

Although taking photos is welcomed in Iran, a guide can help you with informing you about the places where culturally it can be problematic to take a photo. In a tour, there are people whom you can trust and give your camera to, in order to take your photo instead of being forced to take selfies.

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