Iranian center publishes book on social, cultural implications of coronavirus pandemic  

March 31, 2020 - 20:33

TEHRAN – Iran’s Institute for Social and Cultural Studies (ISCS) has recently published a book on the social and cultural implications of the coronavirus pandemic in Iran.

The book titled “Studies on the Social and Cultural Aspects of Coronavirus in Iran” contains over ten articles by the scholars of the ISCS, the institute that is affiliated with the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology has recently announced.

In a preface to the book, ISCS director Hossein Mirzai has announced the institute’s plan to publish another book on developments in higher education about the coronavirus outbreak in the world.  

“Healthcare Workers and Gender Inequality” by Leila Falahati, “Coronavirus, Observers and the Development of Human Relations” by Khadijeh Keshavarz, and “Coronavirus, Nationalism and Internationalism” by Reza Mahuzi are some of the articles published in the book.

“Modern Theology and the Future of Science in Iran” by Jabbar Rahmani is one of the most informative articles of the collection.

The article gives an analysis of the Islamic clerics’ outlooks on the coronavirus epidemic in Iran.

The country is fighting the worst coronavirus outbreak in the Middle East with its death toll climbing to 2898, the Health Ministry announced on Tuesday.

Photo: Front cover of the book “Studies on the Social and Cultural Aspects of Coronavirus in Iran”.


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