Terrorist team demolished in Sistan

April 24, 2021 - 18:18

TEHRAN — The Quds headquarters of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corp ground forces demolished a terrorist team in the southeastern Sistan-Balouchestan province on Saturday.

The Public Relations office of the Quds headquarters of the IRGC ground forces released a statement announcing that the brave fighters identified a terrorist team affiliated with the global imperialism who had recently entered the region to carry out subversive and terrorist acts.

The Quds base said it demolished the group by conducting “accurate surveillance and intelligence operations.” 

The statement said that the IRGC fighters trapped the terrorist team during a successful operation and smashed them in one of the border areas of the province.

According to the statement, three terrorists were killed in the attack, which also resulted in the confiscation of ammunition and arms.

The IRGC is given the mission to ensure security at Iran’s southeastern borders that once in a while Takfiri militant groups seek to commit terrorist attacks there.


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