Resistance is only approach to end apartheid in Palestine: veteran politician

May 18, 2021 - 23:8

TEHRAN — The chief of Iran's Strategic Council on Foreign Policy Kamal Kharrazi suggested on Tuesday that resistance is the primary tactic to put an end to the crimes of the apartheid Zionist regime in Palestine.

"The only way to thoroughly defeat this criminal regime and transform its apartheid government into a democratic one is to maintain the Palestinian people's resistance and that the world's freedom-seekers support Palestinians in their battles," Kharrazi remarked on Tuesday.

The former foreign minister also said, "The United Nations Security Council has once again demonstrated its ineptitude as a result of sabotage by the U.S. and pro-Zionist nations," he noted.

He said what is happening in Palestine today is not solely an Islamic or Arab issue.

The veteran politician stated that recognizing Palestinian wishes is the only answer to the country's problems, saying the prevailing notion in the world today is to end the apartheid Zionist rule in Palestine and establishing a single democratic administration.

To end more than seven decades of bloodshed and violence in the occupied territories, Iran has suggested holding a referendum with the participation of all native inhabitants.


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