Ghalibaf maintains parliamentary diplomacy in support of Palestine

May 19, 2021 - 21:57

TEHRAN— Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, has increased his efforts to coordinate plans with his counterparts in other Muslim countries to support the Palestinian people and take collective action against the Israeli regime's crimes.

In response to a new wave of Israeli strikes that have killed more than 200 Palestinians since last week, the senior Iranian politician has had many meetings with the speakers of parliaments in Muslim nations throughout the region and beyond.

On Tuesday, Qalibaf spoke via phone with the Speaker of Kuwait's National Assembly, Marzouq Al Ghanim, the Speaker of the Palestinian National Council, Salim Zanoun, the President of the Consultative Assembly of Oman, Sheikh Khalid bin Hilal al-Maawali, the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Asad Qaiser, the Speaker of Algeria's Council of the Nation, Salah Goudjil, the Speaker of Algeria's Council of the Nation, Mohammed Rikan Hadeed al-Halbousi, Speaker of Iraq's Council of Representatives, and Mustafa Sentop, Speaker of Turkey's Grand National Assembly

During the conversations, the Iranian Parliament speaker requested meetings with the leaders of Islamic parliaments to denounce and prevent the Zionist regime's atrocities against citizens, medical centers, and even journalists.

Ghalibaf praised the resistance of the Palestinian groups and said, “We hope that in the end the right will prevail over the wrong and we will see the liberation of all the occupied territories from the filth of the Zionists.”

The parliament speaker stated that in these circumstances, “unconditional practical and political support is the duty of every Islamic and freedom-loving country.”

Palestinian resistance movements in Gaza have maintained their armed reaction to Israeli attacks that have murdered 213 Palestinians since May 10, including 61 children, 36 women, and 16 old persons. During the assaults, a total of 1,442 people were injured.


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